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Download this scene immediately from Download Store 3 Elisabeth is down the beach at midnight. She's a bit tipsy and fancies a dip in the sea. She lives by the beach, but has no swimming costume because she just loves to soak in her clothing. Wearing a thick white cotton dress she wanders slowly into the dark water, giggling as the water seeps into her black heels. As she goes deeper, her hold-ups become more and more wet, and then the hem of her dress starts to submerge. At this point she starts to jump up and down, letting the cool water soak her small black panties, which are now clearly visible through the sodden dress. A few more antics ensure that her whole dress is soaking wet, showing off her black bra. She enjoys a good lark in the water, and manages some handstands on the shore, still wearing her drenched outfit.

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