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Download Store Louise comes home to find Sarah relaxing by the pool. She notices that Sarah is wearing her same dress, but in white, with white stockings and heels, whereas Louise has the orange version, with just thin white panties underneath, and black heels. Sarah has a gift, a pair of "Water Wings" to help Louise to float in the pool. Louise is delighted, and wants to try them out immediately, she nearly just jumps straight in, but instead elects to walk slowly down the steps. The water fills her black shoes, and then creeps up her dress, saturating her knickers beneath. She stops halfway and walks up again, saying "Oh, I am silly, I got my dress all wet!". Her lovely bottom is completely soaked. She walks back into the water, and submerges fully, before coming back up, and gyrating on the pools site soaked through, and really enjoying the cooling down. She caresses her wet body, and lifts her skirt to show off her wet knickers before removing her water filled shoes. She calls Sarah over, and she repeats Louise's actions, filling her shoes, and soaking her stockings as she walks down the steps. The hem of her dress hits the water, and her crotch then gets soaked. She walks up showing off her wet dress clinging to her ripe backside, before fully submerging and showing her stocking tops and suspender belt. Louise dons her sodden heels again, and we see some nice underwater shots of the girls exposing their soaking clothes. They strip off their dresses and knickers in the pool, before sitting on the steps for some fondling and kissing.
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