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Download Store Claudia and Liz are having a drink by the pool after returning from a lunchtime party. They are in high spirits, and Liz wants to be naughty. She walks on the pool edge, splashing her white heels and tan hold-up stockings. Claudia joins her, splashing her black heels and stockings. They squat on the edge, pouring water on to their legs and wetting the bottom of the skirts. Claudia leans forwards, submerging her red dress and soaking her breasts in the cool water, while Liz scoops up handfuls of water to pour over her brown jacket. The liquid soon gives a lovely sheen to her top and matching layered skirt. After flashing and caressing her drenched black panties, Claudia turns, and dips her long hair in the small pool, then slowly sinks into the refreshing water. Emerging the other side, her outfits is glued to her body in all the right places, and she posses provocatively. Liz walks to the steps, and slowly sinks into the main pool, enjoying every moment of the emersion, and flashing her sheer tan panties. Claudia joins her for a fully clothed swim, then in the small pool, Liz helps Claudia to remove her clingy red dress, revealing her large, bra-less breasts. Liz's jacket is removed, to show her very sheer bra, her excited wet nipples clearly protruding. After another swim, still with their shoes on, they slowly disrobe to finish in just their stockings and shoes.
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