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Download Store Chantal is relaxing in the garden, wearing her tight blue jeans and white boob tube top. She sees the play pool full of inviting water, and can't resist dipping her white sneakers and socks in, which are soaked immediately. Her wet feet excite her, and she bends down, to dip her backside in the water, soaking the back of her jeans, and her thighs. The wetness creeps into the crotch of her jeans, penetrating her skimpy white panties beneath. She sits back, and splashes water on to the front of her denim clad legs, and more water into her saturated crotch, rubbing herself as her goes. Then she rolls over, and gently lets the water lick as her nipples though her top, keeping the rest dry. She bobs her arse up and down, giving some great shots of her wet jeans, with the panty line showing through. She then lays on her back and pushes water over her top, which quickly goes completely see-through to reveal her lovely, rounded breasts, and saturating her long brown hair. She is very turned on by now, and fingers herself vigorously though the crotch of her drenched jeans, with her other hand caressing her wet breasts. She unzips her wet jeans, and touches herself inside her dripping wet panties. She then removes her shoes and caresses her breasts some more, with the camera very close-up, before hoisting her arse in the air for some more gyrations and close-ups. She then slowly wriggles her jeans down, playing with herself inside her panties as she goes. After her jeans are gone, she pops out her lovely rounded boobs for another fondle, then ends up writhing around in just her sodden panties and socks.
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