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Download Store Jenny is trying to fish a bottle out of the pool, when she leans too far, and topples in, instantly soaking her clothes. Her grey blouse goes completely transparent, giving unrestricted views of her lovely rounded breasts as the material clings tightly to them. She climbs out, with the bottle, her gray skirt also stuck to her, revealing the lines of her tights (pantyhose) and her white panties beneath. Her black heels are still on her feet, and she looses her balance again, falling in backwards. She thinks, "Oh well, I'll have a swim", which she does, with some underwater footage. Then she bobs up and down, laying on the surface, showing off her very wet body and outfit. Removing her shoes and skirt, she leans over the side of the pool, for some great backside shots, before finally removing her thin blouse to finish in just her panties and tights.
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