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Download Store Louise is walking on the beach, overdressed as usual. Wearing tight blue jeans and a frilly white top, with gold shoes and matching handbag. Her shoes and jeans bottoms are soon submerged in the surf, and she decides to be naughty, and dunks down, to just wet her backside. By the rocks, she slowly knees down, the water lapping higher up her jeans, until her crotch is just at the water level, then enjoying the rush as the sea soaks through into her knickers. The waves are suddenly very big, and they splash up over her thin top. She is soon knocked over buy the force of the waves, and laughs a lot as she looks down at her revealing top, clearly showing her curvy figure, and bra-less breasts beneath. After some more drenching from the waves, she caresses her breasts and crotch, pouring water from her handbag over herself. She plays around in the surf and crawls up on the shore, for lots of great wet jeans shots. After a long play, and some fondling, she removes her top, to show off her very nicely shaped breasts, and then eases out of her tight, wet jeans, to reveal her white cotton knickers. She finally releases her dripping wet, very see-through, panties to finish nude on the public beach.
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