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Download Store Sandy and Tracie come back from a hard tennis game. They sit in the gazebo, chatting and sweating. Sandy suggests a swim to cool down, so they walk hand in hand to the pool. Tracie thinks they'll be taking their tennis gear off, but Sandy has other ideas. She stands on the first step, soaking her white sneakers and socks. Tracie is soon convinced join her, and they share a quick kiss. Sandy is feeling very frisky as she sits down in a few inches of water, dunking her panties and the bottom of her white skirt. Tracie is persuaded to be naughty and do the same, and they play with themselves and each other in their semi-transparent knickers, clearly excited, joking and chatting. They pull their tennis skirts back down, and walk into the pool, completely soaking their skirts and jump up on to a floating bed. The clear water laps up on to bed, wetting their shapely breasts after passing through their white tops and penetrating their bras. Sandy helps Tracie off with her wet bra, then massages her breasts through the clingy top. Tracie does the same for Sandy, but soaks her bra again beforehand. After jumping up and down in the water, showing off their nipples through their drenched tops, they take it in turn on the side of the pool for a bottom massage. After a fully clothed swim, they jump back on the bed, and strip off their tops for some more fun, before ending up in just their sodden panties. Tracey plays with Sandy's crotch through her wet knickers, getting her so excited that she drags Tracie off to the bedroom.
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