Jo and Vicky's Wet Adventure - M5
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Our 5th video release is the longest, wettest and wildest ever. Follow Jo Hobbs and Vicky Ford across Florida as they discover the erotic intimacy of wet clothing, with Tracey Bruce, Jo Bache, Lisa Demontis, JC and Lisa Volenté, in 26 utterly soaked outfits during 2 full hours.

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1 Jo and Vicky arrive in Miami, and can't wait to get wet. They rush straight to the beach, still wearing their clothes from the plane, and start larking about in the surf. Their jeans and sneakers are quickly soaked, and their white short-sleeved blouses soon follow suit. After a swim about, with some underwater shots, they strip to their underwear, on the public beach.

2 Travelling down to the Florida Keys, the girls stop at a beautiful beach. They casually wander into the warm shallow water in their high-heels, with their long flowery dresses trailing in the water. They quicky become soaked to the skin, as water seeps through to their, full underwear. Jo has a sly pee, then they relax playfully in the clear blue sea, before stripping off.

3 Meanwhile, Jo Bache has been off at cheerleader practice. Returning to her house, she leaps onto a floating sun-bed, quickly saturating her uniform. After some great close-up shots, we go underwater with this beautiful mermaid before a full striptease.

4 Jo and Vicky have stumbled across the house, they are dressed for cool weather, as a hurricane has just passed by, and sneak a drink by the pool. Vicky then decides to slowly lower herself in; her shoes, orange jeans, sweatshirt and jacket are all completely soaked. Jo doesn't want to get in, but is finally persuaded to walk down the steps to dowse her red platform shoes, red jeans, sweatshirt and white PVC jacket. The girls lark about on the sun-beds, and slowly strip their layers of wet clothing off, until they hear someone coming, and dash off.

5 Next day, the two Lisa's are down at the beach, playing ball. It's not long before their feet are getting wet, they are wearing pop-socks and sandals with beige stretch pants. One of them falls over, and the other soon joins her, larking about in the warm water. After a swim in the open sea, they strip to their underwear.

6 JC gets off her boat, and decides to cool down on the dock, in a stream of water that soon drenches her pink jeans and knitted top. Off to the pool, she shows off her underwater skills, and strips off.

7 Tracey has just got up and is enjoying an early morning cigarette on the balcony. The wind blows her skirt up, and we get some nice shots of her pink knickers under her thin blue nightdress. It's time for a shower, and she has it on the balcony, still in her nightwear. After the material has clung to her sticky body, she caresses herself, and then shampoos her long golden locks. Finally she removes her panties, for some great rear-end shots.

8 Jo and Vicky return to the house rather drunk, where Jo Bache catches them, and gets them to help her film ... The Wet Fashion Show, featuring the 2 Lisa's, JC and Tracey, showing off 2 very sexy outfits each. The girls perform erotic dances on a small stage whilst being sprayed with water in a very arousing manner.

9 After the show, the 2 Jo's and Vicky are very excited, and have a private pool party. The 3 girls are soon dancing in the pool in their best frocks. There is some shoe and foot licking, then the girls play with each other, above and below the water in some great 3-girl action.

10 In the final scene we have the 4 fashion show girls, performing as a dance team in front of a stunning sunset. Their clothes, red and white dresses, a blouse and skirt and a very see- through baby-doll outfit, all with stockings and heels, are soon being sprayed with water, as they do a sexy dance and striptease.

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