Review of Wet Encounters (M6)

This is an independent review by one of our customers, "Biggles"

Gorgeous Vicky Ford and Delectable Sarah Daniels our two intrepid Minx Models go to a Festival in Chaing Mai Thailand. Where the custom is for everyone to pour water over everyone else in the Street Party.

You can follow eight adventures of our Blonde Bombshells, mixed with two separate scenes, of four cute Thai models with really long hair who have some fun together in the bathroom. The Thai girls really play up to the camera and the hair, what can I say. OK I really like long hair.

We start off with Vicky and Sarah armed with super-soakers in an open taxi ride, giving what for to all passers by. Wearing white mini dresses flashing soaked underwear which the camera has some intimate close footage. phwarrr. Then having a bit of a walkabout to an oriental pop soundtrack.

Now from the hotel room to change into white tee-shirts and jeans then off to a beautiful waterfall, somewhere in the jungle of Thailand. Gradually exploring the pool at the bottom of the waterfall and cooling off, also sliding down the rapids

Back to the hotel for a swim in the pool with white tops and dark skirts. No one is looking so a bit of naughtiness removing tops and skirts and diving back in. This carries on and you get the feeling that this scene might be interrupted by hotel staff but luckily not...

Next we have Long Black high necked, Suzie Wong style silk dresses for another walkabout. In this Street scene all the people seems to have an endless supply of water which is poured over everybody. Back to the hotel room for a lovely shower together.

Now our cameraman has been busy, letting some local models have a go with the wet stuff. The models are dressed casually in crop tops and jeans and well enjoy themselves, they do eventually strip off to their lingerie. The hair, what I noticed, is long. Definitely long, wet as well, just thought I'd throw that in, y'know.

Now another street scene with Vicky in a red top and Sarah in a blue top mixing it with the Street Party and Parade. There are loadsa locals, all getting wet, It must of been really hot, everyone is smiling and enjoying their wet clothes.

And now visit the local elephant camp, another amazing location. Watched by some amazed young men presumably elephant mahuts (?) ( the geezers that ride the elephants in the driving position and stop people getting trampled ). Their black jeans and black vests ( no bras this time ) are christened, helping get the elephants washed. The elephants are massive and our minx models elegantly avoid getting squashed but luckily get rather wet. This is followed by a dip in the waterfall that supplies the elephant washing pool.

Phwarr it is evening time and the minx models have not spared the horses to prepare for the evening. Beautiful full length dresses, made up to the nines. Great Hair. And after dinner loadsa drinkies later, that beautifully elegant make-up that just needs a touch up and you know that the girls always go to the loo in pairs. Well the bath was full of water, and Sarah sits on the side. It only took a little nudge for Sarah to slide in, and with some encouragement Vicky soon joins. After a bit of mutual grooming the dresses are removed and we get a little lezzie action, nice arses.

This segways into another bathroom scene with three Thai models again. Long hair, the girls have got l-o-n-g hair my favourite, great stuff. The girls fool around in the shower and bath, loads of giggling eventually pealing to reveal stockings or tights. And go topless to finish off the scene.

We arrive at the last scene with Vicky and Sarah doing the last walkabout wearing black tops and jeans. This is basically a take no prisoners Public Water Fight. The cameraman works hard to capture the street action. No-one is safe. As we go along it seems the whole of the population is out there, giving it large portions. A fantastic ending.

In all, a great video improving the standards set by Minx using some great looking sexy models who have a sense of adventure.

Biggles, England

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