Review of Five Go Wet in the Algarve (M1)

This review is reproduced, with permission, from Splosh! 31 Splosh

We've reviewed a bargain messy epic, now a bargain wetlook one (90 mins for £25). Nigel has been making videos for some time but now he has turned out a proper one under a new name. You can see pictures from it in Louise's article on page 14, but contrary to her egomania, there are four other girls in it as well!

Set at Louise’s alleged villa in Portugal, no less than 27 complete outfits, many expense designer creations are soaked by Louise L’Amour (nee Hodges), Sarah McLean Heather Chittenden Tracey Bruce and Fleur Fontaine. There are so many wet scenes we can't possibly describe them all. Suffice it to say there are business suits, silk dresses cocktail numbers, wet jeans, even a wet fashion show in this amazing compilation

Of course being shot abroad, the locations are good too Villa pools and rolling surf mean that the girls always look like they're having a good time, and Louise is as raunchy as ever

It may not have the class of a David Wilkey shoot (though frankly it is bloody close) but at the price and with the number of outfits drenched, it's to be a must buy for wetlook fans who like to see expensive clothes on sexy professional models who know exactly how to make ii look good for the camera.

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