Review of Absolutely Fabulously Wet (M2)

This review is reproduced, with permission, from Splosh! 32 Splosh

... By way of contrast, I watched this epic wet film with Louise who came down to spend a summer's day on the beach and left a week later. This is rather an unfair way to review a tape, cos Louise reckons the best bits are the ones with her in and wants to fast forward through the rest. But still.

Made in the same way as Five Go Wet in the Algarve, Ab Fab Wet is a series of wetlook scenes filmed mainly abroad by water nutter Nigel. Like Five, it has a great cast including Louise, Vicky, Heather Chittendon, Rachel, Helen, Donna and Liz and some nice outfits.

Louise is right in that one of the best scenes is her "school-girl pool frolic with Heather but whether its Donna drenches her jeans in the sea, Helen and Rachel in evening dresses (or later performing a full wet fashion show) or Liz soaking her leather trousers, there really is something wet for everybody.

Eleven scenes, 12 girls and nearly two hours, yes, two hours of tape make this the best value wet work on the market. Oh, and did I mention that Louise is in it? (Not nearly often enough, darling Louise)

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