Review of Another Wet Day in Paradise (M4)

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Much has been written about David Wilkey's wet tapes (Artscene) so let's give a proper airing to Nigelís Minx Movies for a change. Whilst Nigel's tapes may not have the artistic pretensions of Mr Wilkey's they are at least one and a half times as long, have more scenes and are ten quid cheaper. And no, they don't feature ropey local girls whoíll stand under a shower for a couple of quid and the taxi fare home. Big names like Claudia Casali, Lucy Gresty and. of course. Louise LíAmour Hodges have all got wet for Nig, so don't knock it. The guy must have something -- a big wallet for instance. Even the locations are classy. Pools in villas, showers in hotels and beaches everywhere from the Algarve to America feature in these tapes. Even the musicís okay. So settle back for feature-length wetlook with some of the best names in the business.

Perhaps Nigel's biggest selling point though is that he likes wet jeans. David Wilkey admits they are not for him and so rarely turn up in his tapes -- not so Minx Movies. Another Wet Day in Paradise is practically a wet jeans special with lots of lovely legs clad in drenched denim. That is not to say that there are no other outfits. Far from it: there are wet schoolgirls, drenched evening dresses, soaked suits, you name it.

We start off in just such a pair of mid blue denims and a tied top on a beautiful sunny beach. The jeans change colour very pleasingly, as does the next pair worn by our very own Anne Marie as she joins her brunette friend in the sea. The natural sound of a girl frolicking in the waves makes this a nice scene of two girls genuinely having fun before they strip off and get saucier on the beach.

Business suit next, and Liz has her navy blue one on in the shower with a white blouse, high heels, and black undies that show through almost immediately. Lots of dirty dancing to mock rock music (though with the wet noises kept in). Eventually she starts to strip off to fondle herself and we get some great shining stockings shots.

Time to move on again and a lycra leotard is next on the drenching agenda as we do some exercises to music in a shallow pool somewhere hot. Rather surprisingly the beautiful brunette performing her saucy routine is surrounded by bathers but nobody gives a damn even when she dives into a deeper bit and really goes for it to more of Nigelís taste in music (perhaps we should call it ďwet metal"). No stripping off this time, don't want to upset the Germans on the sunbeds!

Yippee! It's wet jeans again as Ms Gresty pours buckets of water over her super-tight pair from a villa pool. Nice bum shots but then Lucy is pretty experienced at that sort of thing! Eventually the music gives in to natural sound as she gets in the pool providing a chance for her to soak her lacy top as well. But the jeans still have it as she tests the strength of her gusset with some leg stretches. Finally she strips off (shame) and swims around in the pool to quiet lyrical music.

Time for schoolgirl games now as our twosome from scene one chuck each other in the pool then splash each other. Lots of handstands in the pool and impromptu playing around...and some nice underwater shots of the girls groping each other before they get out and strip off for more mucking about and a quick saucy sunny dip and snog.

Next itís Louse in snakeskin print jeans, white top and strappy sandals and she's -- got a big pot of mud! That's right, as a break from the water, she's dipping her shoes in thick clay gradually, going deeper and deeper (with the customary L'Amour giggling). Next she sits in it to coat her bum before climbing inside to smother herself completely -- hair, face the lot. After a quick roll on the lawn, she hoses herself down before stripping off.

Next up - or rather under -- is Heather in grey jeans and see-through top. She's in a pool and a little drunk unless I'm mistaken. But that doesn't matter once she's underwater and we get to watch lots of shots of her from above and below the surface. A big lass, she looks a great laugh as she too strips off and does the splits on the poolside! Lovely big brown bum!

No prizes for a rather crap maids outfit next as a dark-skinned diva takes an outdoor shower that gets her wet very slowly. Less conventionally we now have soggy bondage. A young girl in a short black skirt and white top is tied to a post in a barn and tortured with a hose! Since we see everything from the hose's point of view, we get the feeling it's us doing the torturing and there's a nice little twist at the end.

Evening dresses after that and the less than original but none-the-less enjoyable four-girl poolside party that winds up as an impromptu free-for-all. Then comes Claudia the maid and no prizes for predicting what happens to her. Lots more splashing about in a David Wilkey-style multi-girl pool scene with giggling and misbehaviour. Yup, they strip at the end.

My God, it's a skirt. A grey one and jumper next -- and another opportunity to see Louise soaking herself in the pool before we join a leggy brunette in white showering herself outside in short white skirt and top. Ah! It's a fashion show cos here's another lass in short pink dress doing the same, and another in a black lacy dress. Now Lou's back in a red dress and what Hayley tells me is a bolero top doubtless from some designer! And here comes another and another! Oh God, I can't take any more, I'm all wetlooked out (and there's another two wet rids to go!).

Actually, the fashion show brings the tape to a close (with more wet metal music) and I defy any wet fan not to find something in it he likes. Minx tapes may not be as sophisticatedly edited as Wilkey's but there's some hot totty and plenty of choice of outfits and scenes, so you really can't go wrong. There's even a bit of mud! Whatever next!

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