Sponsored Shoots


Please note: because the sponsored shoots have been so popular, we now have quite a glut of scenes. The shoots were offered at a very low cost (real costs being at least £200/$300 per scene) because the aim was to use edited versions later on in our standard tapes. Any scene that we do now shoot will have to be charged at the full production cost.

This is was your chance to have your 'dream scene' filmed. You can could specify the outfit and scenario that you wished us to shoot, as well as the model. Or if you are not too fussy about the location or the girl, you can leave some of the choice up to us. Many of the models we have filmed are available for custom shoots. However, some models live far away, and it is not cost effective to book them for a single scene.

During the 'Summer' (May - September) in England, locations locally include various sandy or pebble beaches, river estuaries, inland rivers (with row boats) and streams. Garden sprinklers, showers and baths. During the winter we are normally restricted to the '2 person' bath, spacious shower cubicle, or our water-tolerant conservatory, in which we can use a play pool. We also undertake work overseas during our regular trips. These take place in April, June and October/November. Abroad we have access to a private pool and villa facilities and good availability of secluded beaches.

Models include all hair colours, with figures from slight to voluptuous. All the models we work with are chosen because they love getting their clothes wet, and clearly show this on camera.Check out the Model Gallery for examples.

The custom tapes start at £50 / $80, paid in advance. This gives 15-20 minutes of wetlook footage, normally including a strip at the end. If you are in the USA, or Japan, unless you have a multi-standard VCR, you will need the tape converting to NTSC (an extra $25 per tape sent). Several scenes will fit on one tape for a single $25 conversion fee. All prices in US$, payment terms as per the standard tapes, but we cannot take credit card payments for custom shoots.

For more heavily scripted scenes, difficult locations, or for mud or food shoots, the cost goes up, also for more girls of course. Copyright of the material remains with us, and we may choose to use an edited (5-10 minute) version in a commercial tape later on.

As stated at the top, we are now severely limiting our custom shoots, and are having to charge the full rate. If you are still interested, then contact us with a rough outline of the location, the outfit and the style of the scene and we'll see what can be arranged.