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Minx's regular customers - and there are many - know the score by now. Around two hours of tape, a dozen scenes, big name models, hot foreign locations...and this is yet another in the series.

This time there are 15 girls to choose from including all the favourites like Vicky Ford, Louise Hodges, Lucy Gresty, Donna Stevenson, Claudia Casali and Co all getting dripping wet in a vast range of outfits. There are too many scenes to list them all individually here but several stay in the mind and trousers long after the tape is over.

Vicky's skintight soaked jeans and wet fluffy jumper make a delightful combination (and what she does with her fingers inside her skimpy knickers is pretty good too), and Claudia's colossal waps (and I'm not talking mobile phones here) bra-less beneath a sopping wet top helped see me through the long Hayley-less nights.

Miss Hodges' groupies (or should that be gropies?) will be delighted to know she is there (pre-boob job) playing the perviest pirate to ever get soaked in the Spanish Main. Yo-ho-ho! Pieces of 38. Fifteen men on a dead gorgeous girl's chest etc (Yes, I think we've all had enough of the Treasure Island puns now, thank you - Hayley). Actually her buccaneer outfit (Nigel's words not mine) is more of a long floaty lacy dress, but where are the jokes in that, eh?

Once again, it is the sheer variety of girls and gowns that get wet that makes Minx tapes different. There really is something sodden for everyone. Soaked suits come courtesy of two slim Asian girls whose names escape me at the moment Wet jeans as tight as you like (and I like) are there aplenty. There's hair washing with Liz (also in jeans) in what looks like a birthing pool and a midnight dip with cartwheels from another enthusiastic brunette. There are underwater shots for those that like them and plenty of mild lesbianism.

If your preference is for stockinged toe sucking then it's Claudia again who provides a nice little bout of that (I think I'm getting the hots for her!) There's even a big lass in leggings enjoying what looks like an impromptu roll in the sea somewhere east of Essex. All competantly if not sophisticatedly edited with live sound and a music background that is too annoying.

Okay, Nigel's tapes are not as 'clever' as David Wilkey's, but Minx is still hard to beat for choice of wet outfits, big name models, and hot-looking locations. We just wish we were there with him and the girls.

Bill Shipton

(You'd better believe it! With another British winter on the way, give me a day soaking my jeans and having my toes sucked in a warm swimming pool any day! - Hayley)

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