Review of Getting Her Wet (M7)

This review is reproduced, with permission, from Splosh! 37 Splosh

A mere 1 hour 54 mins this time with 17 models and 22 outfits completely drenched shot anywhere in the world Nigel can find warm water. This earlier outing (just too late for the last issue) includes Rachel Stevens in the pool wearing a great blue business suit, plenty more wet jeans (including Elizabeth again getting them muddy before dunking herself in the horse trough), Miss Hodges and Ms Daniels in drenched nighties, Liz in another nightie with two nurses in the shower and a wet negligee finale starring Claudia and Karen with three sets apiece. And that's far from all.

No surprises in Hayley finding the business suit best whilst I have a soft spot for Elizabeth (it's a muddy field not far from the house that she could play in for hours). And new girl Shawna provides the best pair of wet jeans in her Florida escapade.

If you only buy one wetlook tape you should seriously consider a Minx one. At two hours for £25, they are excellent value and the range of material is amazing. They may not have the gimmickry of some of the US tapes (though they are highly professional) but we doubt you'd be disappoint.

Which one? It really doesn't matter too much, there's something for everyone on each tape ­ though this one seems to have a slight nightwear bias! Cool stuff.

Bill & Hayley

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