Review of Jo and Vicky's Wet Adventure (M5)

This is an independent review by one of our customers, "Kari"

This fifth tape from MINX contains again lots of material you can't resist from watching through after once started. There is practically something to see for everybody's taste.

The tape starts with a shot where two girls are playing on the beach. It is always a pleasure to see a couple of beautiful girls wetting their jeans, especially when they wear tight blue ones. The length of the shot is again quite adequate as they generally are, so you have plenty of time to make yourself familiar with their nice details. The only thing I miss is that they could have messed themselves with the sand and after that had gone back to water, but I think we will see this too in some future videos...

Then there is a cheerleader girl who is really cute, no, not just cute, she is a babe of my dreams. I wonder where they find all these beautiful women, anyway. She first teases you by walking aside the pool and it is easy to guess, what she has on her mind. That dive into the pool looks really fantastic and not only because of the spectacular camera work. There is also another jump included on the video, but this time with the pom-poms. Guess, which one looks better. And another surprise follows in the end of the shot, yes, you may see that pretty cheerleader girl without the pom-poms, and without...something else! I want more shots like this!

In the series of jeans wetters something really interesting follows. A couple of girls who look like there were just coming from shopping or something come to the poolside. One of them is wearing orange jeans and a coat and another red jeans and a PVC jacket. I must admit that it was a real pleasure to see the girls slowly wet themselves from the heels to the neck. I especially liked when the girl with red jeans screamed when she pulled herself to the cool water.There was also an 'almost dry' jump to the waterbed and fortunatelly some swimming with jeans on is also included. This is absolutely one of my favourite shots on this video. What a pity I wasn't allowed to take part to this shot with those girls.

If you love girls playing with a ball on the beach there is a shot dedicated for you. One of the girls (The longer haired one) is wearing white stretch pants and I was practically just staring a half an hour her wet ass (by using pause mode of my video). These pants look incredibly sexy and even more when they are wet. Hope they use also other coloured ones in the future.

If you like jeans shots even more, you must absolutely see that one were JC is wearing pink jeans. She looks very sexy in those and she must be very much turned on when she gets cool water sparkled to her ass and she really shows it out. It doesn't look like she was acting at all. A very nice ending for this shot is when she jumps to the waterbed and after that dives and swims a bit in the pool and then gets rid of some of her extra clothes.

Then there is shot that is every man's dream. To spray girls wet with a springler. The girls are wearing skirts and dresses. Their body movements are really enjoyable when the water hit their bodies and at the same time they are dancing. But, I have no words to describe this, you must watch it by yourself!

In the end of the video some girls arrange a private pool party. They wear some thin dresses that reveal quite nicely every single detail of their bodies. After they have enjoyed their drinks, they seem to have an irrisistable need for some cooling down and what would be a better place for that than a pool. And what happens in the pool, well, after watching this shot I had a strange feeling that I'm missing something important when I don't have a pool... and those girls!

Kari, Finland

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