Review of Louise's Waterworld (M3)

This review is reproduced, with permission, from Splosh! 33 Splosh

Nobody does it wetter...or at least quite like Louise L'Amour, our pet name for sploshing superstar, Louise Hodges. She's on her best form here too us she tours America dipping and stripping her way through pools, baths, hot tubs and jacuzzi with her saucy servants, Vicky the Maid and Tracey the chauffeur, who naturally wind up getting wet too.

No less than ten scenes mean that Louise wets her entire wardrobe from jeans and jumpers to designer dresses including a Southern Belle outfit! Quite what the locals made of her dropping fully clothed into every pool she saw is beyond us, but knowing Louise she wouldn't have cared anyway.

Minx’s film includes all the wetlook essential (close-ups of gleaming jeans, see-through blouses, sodden skirts and shining stockings and Louise gives it all lots of wetlook must do! Oomph! And if her magnificent bottom in skin-tight wet denim doesn’t impress you, £25 for over an hour and three quarters of wetlook must do!

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