Review of My Beautiful Wet Dress (M9)

This review is reproduced, with permission, from Splosh! 38 Splosh

Regular readers will know exactly what Minx tapes are like. Loads of scenes, dozens of outfits, lots of top-name models all getting wet in some excellent locations. They should also know by now that they will get two hours per tape for just 25, making these still the best value in the wetlook market. And cheap doesn't mean that the quality is any the less. Good background music and an eye for detail means Minx films are great stuff.

This time we have no less than 16 scenes with an astonishing 17 models, most of whom are names you'll know from the tabloid press or glamour mags. The advantage to using girls like this is that as well as getting wet, they know exactly how to vamp for the camera. No shyness here, lads. Expect plenty of big wet tits filling the screen and enough bottoms in skintight soaked jeans to turned anyone into a serial arse fanatic.

Once again, there really are too many scenes to go into each one individually, but as ever, almost every sort of outfit gets soaked at some point. Tight jeans (or did we mention the jeans?) skimpy summer dresses, several leotards (lycra and cotton), bodystockings, skirts, leggings and even a cream PVC suit are all dipped in the sea, the pool, the bath, soaked under the shower or hose (You might think that soaking a PVC suit is a rather pointless exercise, but when the wearer is the very booby Claudia Casali and all she has on underneath is an extremely thin white top, then the reasoning, like her blouse, becomes very clear).

And the locations read like a Thomas Cook brochure. In this one tape we go to Gozo, Orlando, Ibiza, Gran Canaria, Miami Beach and Thailand just to see people get wet. Now that's the sort of travel show I can cope with. Favourite scenes (about from Claudia's cleavage): Tracey in her sheer black body stocking and tight jeans swimming in the pool, Donna in black skirt and leotard soaking herself in a public park and Jo and Vicky Ford soaking their summer dresses in Miami if only because they look like they are having so much fun.

Good value, excellent selection of wetlook and some fantastic girls (did I mention Claudia's tits and the wet jeans?)

Bill Shipton

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