Review of Mask Of Wetness (M8)

This review is reproduced, with permission, from Splosh! 37 Splosh

Yes, we're a little behind reveiwing Nigel of Minx's tapes. The wetlook lover turns them out so quickly, we will have to do two this time to catch up ­ and at two hours each that's quite a session! Like Naturotica, Nigel knows his market.

Loads of scenes, loads of outfits, loads of top models ­ all at a bargain price. Mask of Wetness manages no less than 13 scenes featuring 16 girls (including our almost resident superstar Louise Hodges!). Once again, variety is the splosh of life and you can take your pick from four pairs of sodden jeans, two wet cheerleaders, pairs of soaked silk pyjamas, school uniforms and tennis outfits. ­ not to mention Louise sauntering into a hotel pool in her leopardskin coat and matching boots.

There's even a muddy scene with Elizabeth soaking her riding gear in a river and plastering her skintight jodhpurs. For us, the jeans scenes have it (particularly Lisa Volente's tumble in the jungle but that's a personal preference). Certainly the underwater shots of Tracey in her floaty and totally transparent pink pyjamas are very pretty and the riding scene makes a nice change.

Bill & Hayley

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