Review of Splash Dance (M10) and Wet Girls in Hot Water (M11)

This review is reproduced, with permission, from Splosh! 39 Splosh

Here we go again with SPLOSH! being so late that the ever-productive Nigel of Minx has got two long wetlook tapes out since our last mag.

Regular readers must know the score by now! Some of the best known models in the country taking to pools, showers, baths and the sea in wonderfully warm locations. Just what I could do with! Splash Dance has no less than 13 scenes spread over two hours  and 16 different wet girls to enjoy including SPLOSH! favourite Anne-Marie. She's cooling off in a pool on the Algarve, lucky thing, slowing soaking a white cotton dress and patterned tights. Eventually she strips off to just her shoes and there are a few underwater shots of her for aficionados. But she's far from alone. You'll also find Rachel Stevens and Helen Hartley (now both retired from modeling sadly), Vicky Ford, Lisa Volente, Lisa Demontis, Louise Hodges, Jo Hobbs and Lisa James amongst others. If there is a slight theme, it must be wet and white. Soaked outfits include Rachel and Helen's white badminton dresses, Louses white jeans and (designer, naturally) blouse, Lucy's all-white outfit and undies as well as Anne-Marie's dress. But there are still plenty of tight wet blue jeans, big boobed Claudia in her clubbing gear and new girl Sarah's  apricot suit to enjoy dipping and dripping. Oh, and there's a scene which starts with Vicky and the two Lisas playing Scrabble. Yeah, right! For realism, that's right up there with a sketch starring Bill working out! Nonetheless, nicely shot, good music and lovely locations make this tape for me ...

... but if you like your action a little hotter, then hang on for Wet Girls in Hot Water. The British Film censors have relaxed their rules a bit allowing us all to get a bit saucier and Nigel certainly takes advantage of this. Although the scenes are much the same (there are 11 this time) there is a bit more fanny fingering than previously and a generally raunchier feel to the whole tape. All your faves are here again, but in different outfits. Jo and Anne-Marie are spies in suits, big-boobed Claudia is a schoolgirl (which is a sight to see!), Liz wears pink plastic and Helen and Rachel are in dressy daywear. If I had to pick a favourite scene it would be Louise Hodges soaking her tight blue jeans. Lots of shots of the most famous backside in history added to by the news that she owns a cardigan! Yes, it's here - a nice little beige number that is doubtless designer but still makes me think of my Mum. There's also a nice bit of toe sucking by Jo and Vicky (although she keeps her pop socks on! - Pop socks and cardies in one video - retro chic or what!).

Once again with both these tapes, Nigel has come up with a true compendium of wetlook. There are plenty of jeans, lots of undies, a couple of suits and a whole launderette of short dresses all being soaked by great girls. If that doesn't make you long for the summer, God I don't know what will. It certainly had me wanting to give it all up and live in a villa in Spain - with a pool, of course. If you're a wetlook fan and you  haven't got a Minx tape yet then you should get one right away. If you already have and are getting a bit bored, try Hot Water. It's a bit ruder and might just re-awaken your interest. It did mine!


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