Sunsplash - MW2 - 9½ Tonnes Of Water

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Featuring 6 very stunning girls showing off our Spring collection of dripping-wet clothing in 13 scenes during the wettest 90 minutes you've ever seen. This is THE tape for any discerning wet clothing enthusiast.
(Most images are small VidCaps, those with large border are photos, all images here meet Xoom's restrictions on nudity)

Sammy and Michelle Rose are relaxing on the beach, they start to play ball, and get their dresses a little wet. Michelle holds up her dress just a a wave come past, soaking her pretty pink panties. Sammy's bottom is soon wet as well as the girls play about in the water, but then the ball goes to far out, and they cannot reach it, instead they decide to completely soak each other.

Rachel needs a shower, and wears her blue jeans, a green sweat-shirt and black heels as she loves the feeling of sticky wet clothing on her skin, and just loves showing off her wet-denim covered bottom.

Sammy Jane is relaxing on the villa steps, quietly reading her book. She is wearing a light blouse and cream skirt over white underwear, stockings, suspenders and shoes. Michelle Rose has a big surprise for her. Ending up in the pool, with her outfit still intact, we have some great shots above and below water.

Michelle Jones drenches her silky black dress and walking boots in a very rough Welsh sea before soaping herself down on the rocks and stripping off to reveal her orange one-piece 'BodyHugger'.

Ellie has just been to the job centre in her black stretch skirt, denim top and tights. Rachel is keen to soak her jeans again, so she takes Ellie for a walk down to the lake and introduces her to the pleasures of fully clothed bathing.

A further attraction for denim lovers is Michelle's surprise wander around the pool. She's wearing a short, tight denim skirt over black knickers and hold-ups. On top she has just a black cotton vest with red trimmings. Michelle just loves getting wet and in this sexy and revealing scene the water goes everywhere!

Rachel is relaxing in the garden, when Sarah appears and starts throwing water over her, soaking her lacy white top, and denim shorts. Rachel retaliates with a large bucket of water, leaving Sarah with dripping wet trousers and blouse.

Michelle Jones takes a gentle soak in a Welsh river, wearing a floaty cream dress with stockings and suspenders, but no panties.

Michelle Rose has mistakenly fallen asleep on the sunbed. She's wearing a smart, matching red skirt and blouse. Sammy, wearing just cami-knickers and pink slip. soon wreaks her revenge for her earlier dowsing by quickly, and completely, drenching poor Michelle before she's even awake! A chase ensues and the pair end up in the pool, where Sammy helps Michelle to undress showing off her black underwear.

Elle washes her hair in the kitchen sink, but it's awkward, and she is soon saturating her white blouse and black shirt with the shampoo suds. She strips off in the kitchen to reveal that her white bra and panties are very wet too.

Sarah loves a fully clothed shower as much as Rachel does and has a good soapy wash in her yellow Tee-shirt and purple skirt before stripping her top off.

Michelle and Sammy's try to defy water by riding inflatables in the pool. Both wear blue jeans and thin white tops over white 'Body Huggers'. White socks and trainers are on their feet. Sammy starts off by demonstrating how to board a lilo without getting wet! Laying face down, however, the water soon creeps from her soon-wet front, up between her legs and onto her bum. Michelle tries the same, but is less successful. Both girls are soon soaked when they try to remove each other's shoes!

Lastly Elle fancies some custard, but Rachel delivers it in an unusual way, straight down her grren top and blue jeans. Elle shrieks as the custard drips down inside her clothes, and then more is applied outside, until she is a lovely sticky mess...

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