Sunsplash - MW4 - Fully Clothed Water Babes

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MW4 - Fully Clothed Water Babes - 105 minutes

Introducing another feast of beautiful women enjoying the excitement and feeling of wet clothing. This 4th video has 11 scenes with 10 girls and lasts a massive 105 minutes.

First up is Michelle Rose. She takes an impromptu shower whilst sitting in the garden relaxing. Her tight, faded jeans are soon drenched as she lifts up her feet. The wetness travels up her legs, soaking her flimsy white cotton vest. Her white wonderbra and sky blue knickers beneath are also quickly drenched along with her white heels. After a good soak, she strips to her underwear and relaxes again on the chair.

Next Donna and Jenny give us a nightwear fashion show. The difference with this catwalk is that there is a 2 inch hose spurting gallons of water at the end of it. With five changes of outfit each, there's plenty to feast your eyes on, including clingy pyjamas, nighties, camisoles and night-shirts. Wearing the last outfits, a pair of nighties, the girls jump in the pool for some more fun.

Louise meanwhile is strutting her stuff at the Regency Hotel in Tunisia. Showing how great her sky-blue jeans and white ribbed body look when they're wet and have her in them. After removing her jeans in the pool, she retires to the shower to strip right off.
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Michelle and Sammy Jane are on the roof and having fun under the shower. Michelle wears a short cotton party frock, with black skirt and white top, showing her breasts though the soaked material. She then drags Sammy in, wearing a maroon lace-up frock over grey leggins
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Sarah makes a brief appearance, having a swing in her blue jeans and black top. Some 'naughty' person is throwing water over her, but she doesn't seem to care.

Donna and Jenny have a bit too much to drink in the beach bar, and when Donna decides to go for a paddle in her black ski-pants and purple sweatshirt, she gets rather wetter than she intended (or did she?). The rough but beautiful Mediterranean Sea knocks her over and she resolves to sitting in the warm surf. Jenny is soon persuaded to join in, wearing a lilac blouse and long skirt. She falls over and is instantly and utterly drenched. The waves are so strong, that they lift her up and plonk her down on the beach. After a good deal of frolicking Donna ends up in just her black body, and Jenny removes her blouse to show her purple bra, and takes her knickers off under her skirt.

Nina takes her daughter Leona, and mad friend Rebecca, down to the beach for a paddle. Rebecca has other ideas and everyone is soon soaked to the skin. Nina wears a short stretchy black dress with no bra, Leona has a black lacy exercise body over white leggins and Rebecca wears a long black skirt and string T-shirt over a pop-top.
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Next Rachel is in the shower wearing white jeans and a pink T-shirt. After a complete dowsing, she strips off the top, for a long-awaited topless view and then removes the trousers also.

Michelle and Sammy kick off their shoes and dip their feet in the pool whilst having several glasses of wine. The girls are wearing long skirts and blouses over black undies (Michelle has stockings and suspenders). Sammy soon starts to mess about, splashing water on to Michelle, who retaliates by chucking her glass of wine back! Sammy follows suit and a water fight ensues before the girls end up in the pool.

Donna is getting drunk on some beer, when she carelessly sprays some over her rusty-brown top. She thinks 'Never mind' and promptly empties a couple of cans over her top and jeans (with tights underneath) before showering and stripping right off.

Finally, to round off the video, you can relax in a wonderfully warm bath with Louise. After having a bop, she surcomes to the tempting water. Stepping in, she slowly soaks her thin yellow dress, revealing her white, designer bra and knickers. In this moody scene, with soft music, Louise removes her knickers from under the very see-through dress, but no more.
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