Sunsplash - WG3- Lisa James' Florida Wetspots

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Lisa James' Florida Wetspots - LJFW - WG3 - 75 minutes

For the third in our series of Wet-Clothed Guides, we return to Florida again, this time, with the Daily Sport model, Lisa James (32DD-24-34). This sexy and curvaceous girl treats us to a wet-clothed tour of hotel pools, public beaches and theme parks in the 75 minute wet extravaganza. A total of 8 varied outfits get a thorough soaking.

Lisa welcomes us from the Miami Hilton Hotel bar. She tells of her long flight, and we see how she cooled off when she arrived in her red jeans. First she dips in the warm sea, then swims, still fully clothed in the pool, before peeling off her jeans and white top to reveal her soaking wet black bra and knickers.

Back in the bar, Lisa now decides to have a mid-evening dip in the floodlit pool, with hotel guests, and even a policeman, milling around. Her black evening dress floats up on the surface as she walks down the steps, exposing her stocking tops and suspenders. After a swim and a play in the waterfall, she retires to an underwater-lit hot-tub, for a quick strip down to her underwear.

Lisa's next excursion, is off to the beach wearing a brand new denim dress over a stretchy white top and yellow knickers. She's in a naughty mood again, and instead of going off to find the lavatory, she sits down on the beach, lifts her shirt so that we can watch, and pees through her panties. The back of her dress quickly becomes wet also, and she is soon tempted into the clear sea water. Here she has more fun, removing her knickers and floating about in her glistening dress

Before leaving Miami, Lisa has been longing to try out the large jacuzzi, fully clothed naturally. She decides to wear her pleated black skirt and spotted blouse over a wonderbra and cream tights. To complete the outfit, she's wearing high-heeled black leather boots. After frolicking in the swirling water, she ends up in just her skirt, and has clearly enjoyed the experience very much.

On the way to Orlando, Lisa wants to drench her sexy, white dress and lacy all-in-one. The ocean is too rough, but she finds a roadside shower, where she can pose for the passing truckers. The dress is soon saturated and becomes wonderfully see-through. Some extreme close-ups of her wet-clad backside as she kneels under the streaming water, and a strip to nude complete this hot scene.

After a long, hot day enjoying the many rides at Disney World, Lisa is dying to cool her aching body. Her beige dress has become very sticky and her white bra and knickers are biting into her. There is no accessible water, so she quickly exits to Typhoon Lagoon, the nearest water park. The clear, refreshing water is such a relief as it seeps through her dress and into her underwear, releasing its restraining grip, and relaxing her body.

Lisa loves getting her clothes wet in public, she adores the attention. However, the sensation of the wet clothing also excites her very much and in the privacy of her hotel bathroom she can really let go. After peeping at her getting dressed, in a matching dark-green top and ra-ra skirt, and pulling on her tights, we watch her having a thorough dowsing and soapy wash under the shower. She's enjoying herself so much, that she rips open the gusset of her tights to allow her hands free access. Finally, she removes her sodden garments and rinses her tanned body.

In the last dip featured on the video, Lisa has been out to a night-club on the final night of her trip, and returns rather drunk. She stops at the ice machine by the pool for a cup of water. She's soon spilling it all down herself (Surprise, surprise! ) and thinks, "Oh well, I'll just paddle my feet, well my high heels and white stockings anyway!". The water feels nice and inviting, and so, after some gratuitous splashing with cups of pool water, she pretends to fall in. The silky, purple and pink gown is quickly saturated and she enjoys a good prance around, before taking her shoes and skirt off. The strapless top is now water-laden and supplies pleasant glimpses of Lisa's ample bosom.

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