Sunsplash - CW9 - Life Is Wet
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We've struck water once more, with the 9th Public Wet-Clothing Collection. While most of the country was sweltering in the drought, water-lovers we're out in force at the beaches and bathing-holes. Wetter than ever before, we give you a massive 105 minutes of pure wet-clothed action. All the girls get utterly soaked, dipping skirts, saturated jeans and clingy, see-through blouses are the order of the day.  Some of the dozens of scenes on this video are:
A girl is dunked in the boating-pool by her 'friends'. The other 2 girls with her get similar treatment.
Having watched the delight of these dunkings, three skirt-clad girls, decide they should cool off also, resulting in a playful water-fight.
Two girls arrive at the beach, they have inflatable rings with them, so they obviously intend to go in the sea. However they've not brought any swimwear, so they just romp in, still clothed in the tops and tight shorts that they arrived in. Their underwear is quickly soaked, and shows though nicely.
2 girls, one in a pink, checked dress and one in cute checked shorts go for a deep-paddle in the sea before soaking each other, enjoying every moment of it.
A young woman is at the beach with her family, the rest have brought their swimming costumes with them, and are larking in the sea. She watches from the shore, until she can resist no longer and takes a tantalising paddle, with the hem of her dress getting wetter and wetter with each wave. Once the dress is soaked to the waist, and her knickers beneath are moist, she takes the plunge and is clearly refreshed by the cooling water.
A group has been sitting on the beach, having a beer picnic. With screams of protest, one of the tipsy girls, is manhandled into the water. She's wearing a blue-cotton skirt, white tee-shirt and bra is dumped, unceremoniously in the sea by a couple of mates, she freaks out, but undeniably enjoyed it, and she surely liked the attention of the guys afterwards.
Trafalgar Square, a very hot day, everyone is jumping in the fountains fully-clothed! We caught a group of 4 young ladies going in. The 'paddle' soon degenerates into a dunking competition and a game of hide and seek. The girl that is the main protagonist really delights in playing with the fountains, relishing the feel of her flimsy blouse against her skin. The water cascades down, over her drenched black-bra and runs down her short skirt before showering nicely off the hem.
Back at the beach, 2 girls are having a whale of a time frolicking, fully clothed in the water. The first was wearing her swimsuit, but she was dunked by her boyfriend before having a chance to take her top and shorts off (not that she minds much). The second girl is wearing black underwear, and is obviously letting her water-nymph nature come out as she jumps around in the sea, revelling in her wet polo shirt and trousers, without a care in the world.
3 girls are sitting on the sea wall, looking longingly at the welcoming water. The first girl is soon descending the steps and soaking her grey top and tight tartan shorts. The second girl is not so sure about wetting her jeans. She keeps inching further down the steps, the water creeping up to her waist, before taking the plunge, her bra now clearly standing out beneath the glistening, black, crop-top. The third girl is very reluctant, and is finally hurled in. 
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