Sunsplash - Thailand 98 Part 1
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This 90 min video was shot in Thailand during the New Year water festivals.  The climate in Thailand is extremely hot and sticky, and during the Songkran festival in April, the Thai's let their hair down, and go wild.  All the celebrations revolve around water, either pouring it gently over each other, hurling it madly, or just having a soak in the waterfalls.  The Thai girls are very pretty, and always keep their clothes on when bathing.  Because of the climate, they love the water festival, as they can get their clothes soaked by just stepping out in the streets. 

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If you want to see more pictures and footage from festivals in Thailand then check out Minx Movies video, M6 - Wet Encounters, there is a special page for public wetlook bits: Minx Public Wetlook

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