Review of Wet Encounters (M6)

This review is reproduced, with permission, from Splosh! 36
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A festival where people are allowed to chuck water over each other quite spontaneously in the street must be a wetlook photographer's fantasy ­ especially if he happens to be accompanied by models Vicky Ford and Sarah Daniels. But such a thing is not a wet dream but reality in Thailand where the Chiang Mai festival allows everyone to soak themselves and others as they walk around.

Needless to say Nigel of Minx Movies couldn't wait to go, and just in case there weren't enough dripping people in Thailand to make the trip worthwhile, he took Sarah and Vicky along as targets! The result is a movie-length duck-umentary (or should that be docu-soak?) seamlessly mixing impromptu soakings for the two girls and dozens of local ladies with set-piece wetlook scenes not only by Ms Ford and Ms Daniels but also four Thai models, Ong, Doon, Darwan and Farr, making one of the most original wetlook tapes for some time. I mean where else can you see Vicky and Sarah in skintight jeans and black tops bathing a real elephant in a stream?

Most of the tape consists of our lovely ladies walking around the streets in a variety of outfits (jeans, short summer skirts and tops, silk dresses) having buckets of water lobbed over them by total strangers ­ and returning the favour. Almost everyone in the town seems to be wet all the time, so if slightly sodden Far Eastern ladies of all shapes and sizes appeal to you, then you are in for a treat. But Nigel doesn't take any chances with this video. In case that isn't enough, he stages several set-up wetlook scenes as well. These include our two heroines taking to a beautiful Thai waterfall in pale blue jeans, climbing in the bath in long blue dresses and swimming in short skirts in the pool. Oh! And that elephant scene!

And don't forget Ong and Co. They do a couple of set-pieces as well including all four of them in silky daywear and tight tops in the shower and wearing jeans and clowning around in the bath.

All this might sound rather contrived, but with generous use of appropriately Oriental music it works remarkably well. It really does have a documentary feel to it (only without the commentary) and the set piece scenes add a little glamour without spoiling it. Okay, it is rather long, but the footage really is quite remarkable. I wonder if the elephant signed a model release?

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