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Minx 14 is another wet feast. 11 tasty girls who just love getting their clothes wet, just for you. 10 scenes full of wet naughtiness. 606 sample pictures online for this video!

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1 Louise and Sarah - Short Dresses, stockings, shoes, no bras - In the pool + underwater
2ipmd65.jpg 2ipmdg2.jpg Download Store Louise comes home to find Sarah relaxing by the pool. She notices that Sarah is wearing her same dress, but in white, with white stockings and heels, whereas Louise has the orange version, with just thin white panties underneath, and black heels. Sarah has a gift, a pair of "Water Wings" to help Louise to float in the pool. Louise is delighted, and wants to try them out immediately, she nearly just jumps straight in, but instead elects to walk slowly down the steps. The water fills her black shoes, and then creeps up her dress, saturating her knickers beneath. She stops halfway and walks up again, saying "Oh, I am silly, I got my dress all wet!". Her lovely bottom is completely soaked. She walks back into the water, and submerges fully, before coming back up, and gyrating on the pools site soaked through, and really enjoying the cooling down. She caresses her wet body, and lifts her skirt to show off her wet knickers before removing her water filled shoes. She calls Sarah over, and she repeats Louise's actions, filling her shoes, and soaking her stockings as she walks down the steps. The hem of her dress hits the water, and her crotch then gets soaked. She walks up showing off her wet dress clinging to her ripe backside, before fully submerging and showing her stocking tops and suspender belt. Louise dons her sodden heels again, and we see some nice underwater shots of the girls exposing their soaking clothes. They strip off their dresses and knickers in the pool, before sitting on the steps for some fondling and kissing.
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2 Chantal - Blue Jeans, white stretch top, plimsoles, no bra - In play pool
ckfbj77.jpg ckfbje2.jpg Download Store Chantal is relaxing in the garden, wearing her tight blue jeans and white boob tube top. She sees the play pool full of inviting water, and can't resist dipping her white sneakers and socks in, which are soaked immediately. Her wet feet excite her, and she bend down, to dip her backside in the water, soaking the back of her jeans, and her thighs. The wetness creeps into the crotch of her jeans, penetrating her skimpy white panties beneath. She sits back, and splashes water on to the front of her denim clad legs, and more water into her saturated crotch, rubbing herself as her goes. Then she rolls over, and gently lets the water lick as her nipples though her top, keeping the rest dry. She bobs her arse up and down, giving some great shots of her wet jeans, with the panty line showing through. She then lays on her back and pushes water over her top, which quickly goes completely see-through to reveal her lovely, rounded breasts, and saturating her long brown hair. She is very turned on by now, and fingers herself vigorously though the crotch of her drenched jeans, with her other hand caressing her wet breasts. She unzips her wet jeans, and touches herself inside her dripping wet panties. She then removes her shoes and caresses her breasts some more, with the camera very close-up, before hoisting her arse in the air for some more gyrations and close-ups. She then slowly wriggles her jeans down, playing with herself inside her panties as she goes. After her jeans are gone, she pops out her lovely rounded boobs for another fondle, then ends up writhing around in just her sodden panties and socks.
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3 Jenny - Grey Skirt + blouse + tights/pantyhose, no bra - In the pool + underwater
japgs25.jpg japgs83.jpg Download Store Jenny is trying to fish a bottle out of the pool, when she leans too far, and topples in, instantly soaking her clothes. Her grey blouse goes completely transparent, giving unrestricted views of her lovely rounded breasts as the material clings tightly to them. She climbs out, with the bottle, her gray skirt also stuck to her, revealing the lines of her tights (pantyhose) and her white panties beneath. Her black heels are still on her feet, and she looses her balance again, falling in backwards. She thinks, "Oh well, I'll have a swim", which she does, with some underwater footage. Then she bobs up and down, laying on the surface, showing off her very wet body and outfit. Removing her shoes and skirt, she leans over the side of the pool, for some great backside shots, before finally removing her thin blouse to finish in just her panties and tights.
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4 Liz - Clubbing outfit, Black Trousers + Red Top, no bra - Hose pipe
zgjbt63.jpg zgjbt99.jpg Download Store Liz is dancing away in the garden, thinking about the club she's going to later. Already dressed for clubbing, in her ribbed, stretch black lycra trousers and red top (no bra), and black heels. She find a hose pipe and starts soaking her outfit with it, continuing to dance, an enjoying the cooling water pouring into her wet clothes. After showing off her excited body through the wet pants and top, she pulls her top up, and dances with her breasts exposed, before slowing stripping to just her sheer panties. Later that day, after her outfit dried, we all went clubbing, and Liz got her same outfit all foamy, and wet, but it was too dark to film !
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5 Chantal and Sara - Business Suits + full underwear + shoes - In the pool
2fpbs94.jpg 2fpbsd9.jpg Download Store Chantal, in a grey-blue business suit, and Sara, pink checked one, return from a successful business meeting and celebrate with a drink by the pool. Both have full underwear, and net stockings, which Sara admires before kissing Chantal! The 2 horny girls decide on a fully clothed dip to celebrate, they enter the pool by the steps, soaking their shoes and stockings, before letting their skirts get wet, and then dipping their jackets under together. They like getting wet, and they like each other, so a lot of caressing and kissing follows, as well as lots of great pictures of their wet outfits, in various stages of undress.
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6 Karen - Short White Skirt + top, stockings, no bra, very see-through ! - Hose pipe + in the pool
kijws74.jpg kijwsa3.jpg Download Store Karen is washing down the pool side, but being carefree with the hose. She has soon splashed her sliver heels and white hold-up stockings. She feels refreshed, and excited, so works the hose pipe up over her crotch, soaking her thin white skirt and cotton panties, before saturating her sheer, net top, revealing her stiff nipples in all their glory. The water is really turning her on, as she drenches her backside, and then sits on the hose, letting it spray up over her breasts and face. The pool is calling her, and she walks down the steps to have a fully clothed soak, before caressing herself, then leaning , still fully and wetly clad, against the fence, and dropping her knickers.
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7 Rachel - Long Skirt, petticoat, long cream top + bra and panties - At the Beach
rlsps39.jpg rlsps97.jpg Download Store Rachel is walking along the beach, but the water is too enticing. Wearing a long purple skirt and dotted white top over a long white, cotton slip and black bra and panties, she enters the water, with the surf lapping at her skirts. Her crotch is soon soaking wet, and she bobs down to drench her cotton top, which then clings tightly to her large, bra clad, breasts. After a fully clothed swim and roll around in the waves, she removes her outer garments to finish in her black underwear and slip.
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8 Louise - Blue Jeans, white blouse, gold shoes + handbag, no bra - At the Beach
lasbjg7.jpg lasbjj9.jpg Download Store Louise is walking on the beach, overdressed as usual. Wearing tight blue jeans and a frilly white top, with gold shoes and matching handbag. Her shoes and jeans bottoms are soon submerged in the surf, and she decides to be naughty, and dunks down, to just wet her backside. By the rocks, she slowly knees down, the water lapping higher up her jeans, until her crotch is just at the water level, then enjoying the rush as the sea soaks through into her knickers. The waves are suddenly very big, and they splash up over her thin top. She is soon knocked over buy the force of the waves, and laughs a lot as she looks down at her revealing top, clearly showing her curvy figure, and bra-less breasts beneath. After some more drenching from the waves, she caresses her breasts and crotch, pouring water from her handbag over herself. She plays around in the surf and crawls up on the shore, for lots of great wet jeans shots. After a long play, and some fondling, she removes her top, to show off her very nicely shaped breasts, and then eases out of her tight, wet jeans, to reveal her white cotton knickers. She finally releases her dripping wet, very see-through, panties to finish nude on the public beach.
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9 Sandy and Tracie - Tennis Gear + shoes + socks, bras removed 1/2 way through- In the pool
2fptg96.jpg 2fptgp3.jpg Download Store Sandy and Tracie come back from a hard tennis game. They sit in the gazebo, chatting and sweating. Sandy suggests a swim to cool down, so they walk hand in hand to the pool. Tracie thinks they'll be taking their tennis gear off, but Sandy has other ideas. She stands on the first step, soaking her white sneakers and socks. Tracie is soon convinced join her, and they share a quick kiss. Sandy is feeling very frisky as she sits down in a few inches of water, dunking her panties and the bottom of her white skirt. Tracie is persuaded to be naughty and do the same, and they play with themselves and each other in their semi-transparent knickers, clearly excited, joking and chatting. They pull their tennis skirts back down, and walk into the pool, completely soaking their skirts and jump up on to a floating bed. The clear water laps up on to bed, wetting their shapely breasts after passing through their white tops and penetrating their bras. Sandy helps Tracie off with her wet bra, then massages her breasts through the clingy top. Tracie does the same for Sandy, but soaks her bra again beforehand. After jumping up and down in the water, showing off their nipples through their drenched tops, they take it in turn on the side of the pool for a bottom massage. After a fully clothed swim, they jump back on the bed, and strip off their tops for some more fun, before ending up in just their sodden panties. Tracey plays with Sandy's crotch through her wet knickers, getting her so excited that she drags Tracie off to the bedroom.
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10 Claudia and Liz - Evening Wear, full underwear + shoes - In the pool
2gpdde7.jpg 2gpdd33.jpg Download Store Claudia and Liz are having a drink by the pool after returning from a lunchtime party. They are in high spirits, and Liz wants to be naughty. She walks on the pool edge, splashing her white heels and tan hold-up stockings. Claudia joins her, splashing her black heels and stockings. They squat on the edge, pouring water on to their legs and wetting the bottom of the skirts. Claudia leans forwards, submerging her red dress and soaking her breasts in the cool water, while Liz scoops up handfuls of water to pour over her brown jacket. The liquid soon gives a lovely sheen to her top and matching layered skirt. After flashing and caressing her drenched black panties, Claudia turns, and dips her long hair in the small pool, then slowly sinks into the refreshing water. Emerging the other side, her outfits is glued to her body in all the right places, and she posses provocatively. Liz walks to the steps, and slowly sinks into the main pool, enjoying every moment of the emersion, and flashing her sheer tan panties. Claudia joins her for a fully clothed swim, then in the small pool, Liz helps Claudia to remove her clingy red dress, revealing her large, bra-less breasts. Liz's jacket is removed, to show her very sheer bra, her excited wet nipples clearly protruding. After another swim, still with their shoes on, they slowly disrobe to finish in just their stockings and shoes.
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