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* 11th August 2019 Scene 4 from M18 in Download Store

* 8th February 2019 Scene 3 from M18 in Download Store

* 14th December 2018 Scene 2 from M18 in Download Store

* 3rd August 2018 Scene 1 from M18 in Download Store

* 6th June 2018 M5 All 10 scenes now in Download Store

* 19rd September 2017 M7 All 11 Scenes now in Download Store

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Minx Movies - Wetlook.Com

p Minx specialises in erotic films of wet-clothed women.

p We mainly shoot on location, where the sun always shines, and the girls are eager to get wet.

p We take our pick of the best glamour and promotion models, along with local girls from the pub, searching for those that really do enjoy having a good soaking for the camera.

p All this ensures that we have the most gorgeous, sexy girls enjoying their naughtiness in their sensuous and revealing wet clothes, right before your eyes.

p All our videos are edited to give a smooth and intimate feel, you will easily imagine that you are right there getting wet with the girls.

p DVD's ship with printed colour faces and Full Colour DVD Boxes

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-- Videos & Photos --

Click below for descriptions and loads of pictures for our current videos.

If you're not sure which to try first, then check out our raunchy videos, M10 onwards or, for some storyline M5, M1 or M3.

DVD Five Go Wet in the Algarve Download Store DVD Splash Dance Download Store
DVD Absolutely Fabulously Wet Download Store DVD Wet Girls in Hot Water Download Store
DVD Louise's Waterworld Download Store DVD Dressed In Wet Download Store
DVD Another Wet Day in Paradise Download Store DVD In Search Of Wetness Download Store
DVD Jo and Vicky's Wet Adventure Download Store new DVD Get Wet With Me Download Store
DVD Wet Encounters DVD Wet Me Now Download Store
DVD Getting Her Wet Download Store new DVD Wet And Ready Download Store
DVD Mask Of Wetness Download Store DVD Wet All Over Download Store
DVD My Beautiful Wet Dress Download Store
DVD My Wet Places Download Store new

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