Review of Jo and Vicky's Wet Adventure (M5)

This review is reproduced, with permission, from Splosh! 35
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Regular readers will know the score when it comes to Minx videos. You can expect at least ten wet scenes, numerous outfits being soaked, exotic locations (usually nice and sunny) and some of the top names in glamour modelling, all at a very reasonable price. Jo and Vicky's Wet Adventure is no exception.

Filmed in Florida on beautiful beaches and in sumptuous swimming pools, the Jo and Vicky of the title are Jo Hobbs and Vicky Ford, but although they are the main stars, you can also enjoy loads of other girls (including Jo Bache, JC, Tracey Bruce, Lisa Volente and Lisa Demontis) getting wet, some new to sploshing.

The outfits soaked are even more varied than the girls. Perhaps the long party frocks are the biggest draw, but there's also a wet dance contest which gives the girls a chance to do some distinctly dirty dancing on a stage whilst being soaked with a hose.

Then there's Jo Bache as a cheerleader complete with pom-poms doing her routine in the pool and working up more than the crowd . There's a very tiny pee scene (invisible enough for the BBFC), even a bit of pool party toe-sucking (though very brief), and, of course, there are plenty of pairs of wet jeans to keep the drenched denim people happy.

Ten scenes in this one (many of them featuring three or more girls) make this another bargain tape, and, am I mistaken, or are these tapes getting a bit ruder? Highlights for me include Jo's cheerleader routine, some fine underwater photography and the wet jeans scenes, but there truly is something for everyone who likes wetlook in this tape.

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