My Wet Places
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M18 - My Wet Places - 2 hours stuffed full of wet girls in soaking wet clothes

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1 Vicky - Long clip of Vicky in short skirt and blouse over lilac underwear, hold-ups + heels - Sexily soaks herself in beer then has a fully clothed bath, and strips. Enjoys playing with herself at all stages :)
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Vicky is enjoying a cool glass of lager in the garden, when she spills some on her white top. Hum, that's nice, she thinks, and decides to be naughty. She slowly pours her lager all over her top, the thin material quickly sticking to her, and showing off her wet bra beneath. She lifts her short skirt, and douses her lilac panties, all the while describing how nice it is to get wet with lager. Next she gets a jug of water, and slowly rinses off her top and knickers, enjoying every drop. She goes to the bathroom to continue her soaking. She enters the bath fully clothed, filling her shoes with warm water, then soaking her white stockings, before fully immersing her outfit. She luxuriates in the warm bath, rolling about, and showing her wet clothing and body off from every angle. She loves dipping her head right under, and holding her breath. Next she gets the bath gel, and really soaps up her wet blouse and inside her soaked panties. She lifts her bra to let her stiff wet nipples show directly through the wet blouse, massaging them with delight, before using the wet heels to rinse the soap bubbles off. She loves playing with herself, and talking to the camera while she does it. Her knickers come off, and she rubs her wet skirt against her crotch. Removing her saturated blouse, we see her dripping wet breasts before she pulls her bra back down, and does some more breath-holding. Her skirt floating up to show off her wet crotch. She finishes with her bra hoisted up, skirt round her waist and still wearing her wet hold-ups.

2 Tracie wears white trousers and blouse over her full black underwear as she soaks and plays with herself in the pool. Slowly stripping to reveal black bra, panties, stockings and suspender belt then completely naked.
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Tracie has dressed for the pool, wearing white pants and a pink blouse over full underwear. She steps in, soaking her designer heels and stocking bottoms, then dives onto her inflatable, soaking her front. She rolls over to show us the damage, her black net stockings and panties are soaked and showing though her white trousers, but she's not embarrassed, she loves showing off and being naughty with the camera. She splashes her top, showing her black bra, then realising that her arse has been soaking, rolls onto her front again, to show that her backside is now completely drenched, with great panty and suspender strap lines showing. Kneeling up, she rubs her crotch through her saturated trousers and knickers, before rolling off to thoroughly drench her outfit in the pool. She swims fully clothed to the side, then climbs the stairs, her clothing dripping wet. She runs her hands up and down her wet body, undoing some buttons to reveal her wet bra, then squats to rub herself again, clearly having a very arousing time. Back in the pool, she give us some great wet backside shots before sitting on the steps to caress herself again, briefly popping out her wet boobs. We get lots more great close-ups and rubbing. She straddles the handrail, bouncing up and down very suggestively, then removes her wet blouse and dripping pants, to show off her lovely wet bra, panties and suspenders. She returns to the handrail, this time using her hand on her wet panties. Back in the pool, in all her underwear, she continues to play with herself, and slowly strip right off. She really knows how to enjoy getting wet.

3 Claudia - Claudia plays sexily with herself on the sofa as she soaks her pink top and long skirt, her green bra and panties, then slowly strips in the pool
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Claudia is relaxing on a sofa, caressing herself through her pink stretch top and long skirt. Felling mischievous she has a bucket of cool water, which she starts pouring over her outfit, and the sofa. She particularly likes wetting her backside, which she wiggles at the camera, and her crotch, which shows off her matching underwear and stockings. Her dripping wet top soon reveals her bra beneath. She has great fun completely soaking herself, and rubs her stiff wet nipples through the wet garments. She dips her wet nylon clad toes in the bucket, then sucks them, before pouring more water down herself, and removing her wet bra from under her top. Her large wet boobs are now free to sway around and her wets her top again so we can see them better. Lying on her back, with her legs spread, she rubs her wet panty crotch with glee, being very naughty, and not leaving much to the imagination. She turns to knee, doggy style, pulling up her drenched skirt, and pours more water over her arse, before fingering herself through her sopping wet knickers again. She then strolls, soaking wet, through the villa, out to the pool, where she gradually re-wets her outfit in the hot sun. Her skirt sticks to her, completely revealing the lines of her suspenders and panties. Her top following her curvy wet breasts. Removing it, she has a top-less swim, then gives us a lovely backside shot as she pulls down her skirt.

4 Carion + Szidi soak their blue jeans and cotton tops (no bras) in the hot tub pool
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Carion and Szidi splash water on their jeans as they lay on the side of the Jacuzzi, then pour water over each other's backsides. They slip down into the hot tub for a fully-clothed soak, then they have a swim in their jeans and play in the pool, before pouring more water on their jeans.

5 Donna - pink cotton skirt and matching top over white strapless bra, panties and stockings - dip in the sea

M18_0028.jpg M18_0116.jpg

Donna strolls along the shore, her white heels absorbing each wave. Kicking the water, her thick cotton skirt gets wetter and wetter. She lifts the wet hem showing off her white stocking tops before sitting down to wet her backside. A wave comes and soaks her knickers under her now dripping wet skirt. She loves it, and starts dipping her breasts down, letting the waves slowly soak her top. Sitting again, with the waves battering her back, we get some great up-skirt shots, as she splashes water all over herself, before wiggling her soaked arse at the camera, and pulling her saturated skirt up into her bottom. She works her dripping top up, to show her now transparent strapless white bra. She removes that as well, and continues to play in her heavy, wet skirt, before finally removing it and walking off in just her wet panties and stockings. What a great afternoon at the beach !

6 Bucci Twins + Tracie - Leisure Suits + Skirt - Pool

m18a.jpg m18b.jpg m18d.jpg m18c.jpg

Jennifer is relaxing by the pool, quietly turning herself on, by playing with herself through her blue tracksuit bottoms and white zip top. Shawna arrives in her grey tracksuit, fills a jug with water, and naughtily starts pouring it over her twin sister. The water pours straight between her legs, on to her crotch, and instead of complaining, just laps it up, loving the feeling of the water penetrating her trousers and panties beneath. Shawna works the stream up and over Jennifer's breast, soaking her top, her wet nipples hardening within her drenched crop-top bra underneath. We get some wonderful close-ups between her legs as she continues to caress herself with water running down to her backside, which is now sitting in a pool of water. She rolls over and we see just how soaked her arse is, as more water is poured on. The lines of her wet knickers showing through the saturated pants. The twins swap places, the knees of Shawna's tracksuit are already wet, as she lays back on the very wet bed, soaking her backside. She begins playing with her fanny as Jennifer applies the water from the pool. Her crotch and panties are soon flooded, as is her tracksuit top. With more great close-ups she rubs her hands all over her body, covered in her drenched tracksuit. The wet twins lay together, caressing and enjoying there wet outfits, before deciding on a fully clothed swim. They step into the pool, giggling as their pretty dry sneakers and socks get soaked. Standing waist deep, they smile at each other, then dip their tops right under. Standing up again, their dripping wet tops show the lines of their crop-top bras beneath, as they cuddle in their wetness. After swim and some wet workout exercises in the shallow end, the drenched twins unzip their tops to show off their soaked crop-top bras, with their stiff wet nipples poking through. On the submerged steps, their remove each others wet shoes and pants, then play with themselves through their soaked underwear. They emerge, and find Tracey sitting by the pool, they invite her in, and she walks down, the steps, soaking her heels and short pink skirt. She dips right under, her thin white blouse is now saturated, and reveals her black bra beneath, with her large wet breasts straining to be released. The twins strip off her wet garments, and then all the girls remove their drenched bras. They finish, cuddled up on the bed, in just their wet panties.

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