Wet All Over
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8th October 2008: All scenes on this video are downloadable now from the Download Store

M17-Wet All Over is another very wet video featuring 11 girls in 9 scenes. With over 2 hours of wetness, it has all the action, close-ups and naughtiness you've come to expect from the wetlook connoisseurs.

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Download Store 1 Lucy - Brown Cotton Dress - Outdoor Shower

M17_0201.jpg M17_0204.jpg M17_0206.jpg M17_0208.jpg M17_0212.jpg M17_0215.jpg M17_0179.jpg M17_0180.jpg M17_0194.jpg M17_0195.jpg M17_0197.jpg M17_0182.jpg M17_0184.jpg M17_0186.jpg M17_0188.jpg

Lucy wanders out of the villa, wearing a khaki blouse over a chocolate brown cotton dress. She smiles cheekily at the camera as she walks straight to the outdoor shower, her panties and hold-up stockings already visible through the thin material, and turns it on. She dips her blouse covered breasts under the water, the blouse immediately changes colour as the water soaks through to her dress and nipples beneath. She plays with her stocking clad legs, soaking them and her tan heels. She continues to dance and work her body erotically under the shower, drenching every part of her outfit. She lifts her transparent skirt, helped by the gentle breeze, to play with her wet backside and sheer wet panties. After removing the sodden blouse and flashing her knickers some more, she rips the dress open to reveal her large wet boobs, and stiff wet nipples. Her panties come down, and she continues caressing her wet body, walking off in just her wet stockings and shoes, this is one sexy, wet girl !

Download Store v2 Vicky - Silky Skirt & Blouse - Bathroom

M17_0328.jpg M17_0282.jpg M17_0284.jpg M17_0288.jpg M17_0292.jpg M17_0293.jpg M17_0296.jpg M17_0302.jpg M17_0307.jpg M17_0309.jpg M17_0297.jpg M17_0298.jpg M17_0301.jpg M17_0324.jpg M17_0311.jpg M17_0319.jpg

Vicky starts off wearing just her cream cami-knickers. We watch as she dresses, all the time thinking about getting wet. First is a white petticoat, then a white blouse and floaty pink skirt. Finally, she lifts her legs and seductively pulls up her hold-up stockings. With a cheeky grin, it's off to the bathroom. She slowly wets her feet through her stockings and shoes whilst sitting on the toilet, in a very sexy position. She runs the wet sponge up, soaking her stockings legs, then opens her legs and empties the sponge over the crotch of her panties. We can quickly see right through, as she caresses herself. Water pours all over as she dumps more sponges over her quickly drenched outfit. Her wet nipples are soon showing through the soaked blouse and petticoat. Standing up, she shows off her wet backside, and lifts her skirts to play. She steps into the bath water, and sitting on the side, continues to wet herself, completely drenching her outfit, showing off her drenched knickers and stockings. She straightens her skirts out, and slowly dips down in the warm water, savouring the floaty feelings. Vicky just loves playing with, and in, her wet clothes. We get some great wet backside shots, and she slowly strips down to just her knickers and stockings.

Download Store 3 Jennifer & Shawna - Blue Jeans - Play Pool

M17_0417.jpg M17_0431.jpg M17_0437.jpg M17_0451.jpg M17_0452.jpg M17_0453.jpg M17_0439.jpg M17_0423.jpg M17_0390.jpg M17_0459.jpg M17_0447.jpg M17_0463.jpg M17_0398.jpg M17_0411.jpg M17_0414.jpg M17_0370.jpg M17_0378.jpg M17_0385.jpg M17_0388.jpg

The twins, Jennifer and Shawna are chatting about the boys they met last night. They're both wearing blue jeans, and are a little hot in the sun. Jennifer picks up a jug of water, and instead of topping up her glass, she proceeds to pour the cool liquid slowly over her thighs, leaving a dark stripe on her jeans. Standing up, she pours more water over her white cotton top, which is quickly sodden, and showing her bras lines, and nipples. You can see that she's really enjoying it as the water cascades down to soak her crotch. "Do me" says Shawna, not wanting to miss out on the wet fun, so gets Jennifer to slowly soak her outfit as well. Shawna's bra and breasts are soon soaked and showing through her pale blue cotton top, and she smiles broadly as the wetness runs down into her pants. Her jeans are given a thorough dowsing, as she caresses her wet body. It's Jennifer's turn to get wetter, and she lays on the floor, as her twin sister pours water all over her jeans, inside her sneakers and re-wets her top, as she plays with her wet clothes. Turning over, her arse gets a thorough soaking, and we see her sodden knickers underneath, as the water runs down her backside to her crotch. The girls switch, and Shawna gets a similarly complete dowsing, enjoying every wet moment. The play pool is beckoning, and they eagerly step in, kneeling down to continue soaking each other. After lots of wet play and naughtiness, showing close ups of all their wet clothes, the twins undress each other, removing their sodden shoes and socks. Their soaking wet jeans come off next, and finally their wet tops, revealing their gloriously wet bras and panties, showing their stiff wet nipples and crotches. We get some great shots as they caress themselves, and each other, through their wet underwear, before finishing off removing their sodden bras.

Download Store 4 Helen - Blue Camisole - Bathroom

M17_0161.jpg M17_0162.jpg M17_0166.jpg M17_0167.jpg M17_0172.jpg M17_0177.jpg

A very quick scene, Helen has just got up, and is washing. With a cheeky smile, she lets some of the water drip down on to her camisole top. She rubs her breasts with her wet hands, and splashes more water on them. Her top is soon completely see-through, with her big nipples sticking out. Her hands follow the water down her front into her knickers. Scooping up water, she dowses her backside, and caresses her wet clothed torso. After a thorough soaking, she slowly removes her wet garments and walks back to the bedroom, wet and naked. A great way to wake up !

Download Store 5 Tracie - Blue Jeans - Play Pool

M17_0221.jpg M17_0241.jpg M17_0242.jpg M17_0226.jpg M17_0229.jpg M17_0233.jpg M17_0236.jpg M17_0239.jpg

Tracie cools off by dipping her shoes and socks in the proper pool, soaking half of her blue jeans. She enjoys to denim clinging to her legs as she walks around, and finding a small play pool full of water, she slowly immerses herself. The crotch of her jeans is soaked, the water permeates to he pink panties underneath, giving her a very pleasant sensation. It's immediately clear that she has no bra, as her large breasts and stiff wet nipples poke right through her clingy white T-shirt. After rolling around and thoroughly soaking and pleasuring herself, she takes her dripping wet garments off, one at a time to finish completely naked and wet.

Download Store 6 Rachel - White Cotton Dress - Orangeade + Hose

M17_0246.jpg M17_0248.jpg M17_0251.jpg M17_0255.jpg M17_0260.jpg M17_0261.jpg M17_0265.jpg M17_0268.jpg M17_0269.jpg M17_0273.jpg M17_0277.jpg M17_0256.jpg

Rachel is relaxing in the garden, she's trying to open a bottle of orangeade, when she manages it spurts out over the front of her dress. She thinks, hum, and proceeds to shake it up more, slowly emptying the whole bottle over herself. The dress turns yellow and transparent, revealing her lacy red bra, panties and suspenders, now soaking wet. She uses the last of the liquid to run down her stockings, then taking the garden hose, completely wets herself down, before slowly stripping right off.

Download Store 7 Elisabeth - White Lace Dress - Beach at Night

M17_0133.jpg M17_0148.jpg M17_0150.jpg M17_0151.jpg M17_0154.jpg M17_0157.jpg M17_0159.jpg M17_0139.jpg M17_0135.jpg M17_0138.jpg

Elisabeth is very merry after a late night party by the beach. She wanders down to the water, drinking from a can of cider. She's wearing a very pretty, white lace blouse with a matching layered skirt. Dancing to the strains of music in the distance, she encounters the sea, which rolls right inside her white heels, soaking her stocking-clad feet. Prancing about in the deepening water, she gets splashed further up her stockings, then after a misfooting, she plops to her knees, briefly wetting her crotch. Lifting her saturated skirts for inspection, her lacy knickers are already dripping, and her thin girdle is soaked at the bottom. Filling the empty cider can with water, she dribbles it over her breasts, then starts ducking lower, and lower in the refreshing water. Splashing about, she is having a wonderful, wet time. With some lovely wet backside shots as she runs to the shallows and lays down, rolling in the wavelets. Her wet pubes are now showing through her transparent wet panties. Her dripping blouse is coming unbuttoned, revealing the top of her thin white girdle. Undoing the last top buttons, we see the girdle has slipped down, fully exposing her pert young breasts. Her soaked blouse and skirt are removed, and she wades back into the sea, to swim in her wet undergarments, with her wet breasts once again escaping. She collects her wet clothes and wanders off, very satisfied.

Download Store 8 Claudia & Karen - Jeans - Pool + Underwater

M17_0038.jpg M17_0040.jpg M17_0096.jpg M17_0100.jpg M17_0101.jpg M17_0103.jpg M17_0024.jpg M17_0026.jpg M17_0105.jpg M17_0109.jpg M17_0001.jpg M17_0003.jpg M17_0007.jpg M17_0009.jpg M17_0012.jpg M17_0016.jpg M17_0020.jpg M17_0022.jpg M17_0044.jpg M17_0048.jpg M17_0052.jpg M17_0055.jpg M17_0059.jpg M17_0062.jpg M17_0064.jpg M17_0066.jpg M17_0070.jpg M17_0083.jpg M17_0087.jpg M17_0090.jpg M17_0112.jpg M17_0116.jpg M17_0119.jpg M17_0120.jpg M17_0122.jpg M17_0125.jpg M17_0030.jpg M17_0035.jpg

Karen is relaxing on a sun-bed. She's fully clothed in her black jeans and stripy T-shirt, and is much too hot. Asking Claudia for some water, she is very pleasantly surprised when Claudia brings a jug and slowly dowses her. Claudia starts with Karen's plimsolls, which soon fill up, then works her way up the jeans, which become shiny and wet. Karen's crotch gets flooded, and another jug is brought to splash on her T-shirt, which she thoroughly enjoys, playing with her wet breasts. After rolling over, and having her arse soaked as well, the girls head for the pool. Claudia is still dry as she walks down the steps, water rushing into her sneakers and up her white denim jeans. Standing crotch deep in the water, she holds the inflatable as Karen tried to get on, becoming absolutely soaked in the process. Claudia dips under, and swims to get the other one, and comes out to show off her drenched outfit. We get lots of horseplay in and around the pool, soaked and fully clothed, with great close ups of wet breasts and backsides showing beneath tight drenched clothes. There is some underwater footage of the girls caressing each other before they emerge, taking off their sodden shoes and peeling off their tight wet jeans. Their knickers are now quite transparent, giving some lovely close ups as they re-wet their socks, panties and tops before wet humping and fondling each other on the poolside. They finish, exhausted but satisfied, still in their wet panties, tops up, wet breasts exposed lying on the tiles.

Download Store 9 Louise - Floral Dress - Beach

M17_0329.jpg M17_0335.jpg M17_0337.jpg M17_0339.jpg M17_0365.jpg M17_0366.jpg M17_0346.jpg M17_0341.jpg M17_0343.jpg M17_0356.jpg M17_0361.jpg M17_0351.jpg

Louise is wandering along the beach, letting the Tunisian surf cool her feet. The waves are soon wetting the hem of her long flowery dress, and she decides to be naughty. She wades in to wet her dress to her knees, then lifts it to show off her pristine white panties, before dunking them underwater. She delights as the water soaks through the crotch of her knickers. Her backside is soaked too, and we see the wet panties cling to her bottom as she stands up. She then dips right down, soaking her dress and revealing her white bra beneath. She luxuriates in the warm African water, soaking her hair, and showing off her saturated underwear as she rolls about in the surf. She finishes off caressing herself through her wet panties sitting on a boat.

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