Wet And Ready
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Minx 16 is another video stuffed with over 2 hours of beautiful girls having a lovely and exciting time soaking their clothes. This time we feature 12 girls in 9 scenes.

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Download Store 1 Claudia and Karen - Short Army outfits, dress and skirt under outdoor shower

m16-t0066.jpg m16-t0070.jpg m16-t0021.jpg m16-t0073.jpg m16-t0078.jpg m16-t0044.jpg

Claudia and Karen are on manoeuvres under the Ibizian sun. Although they are wearing the skimpiest of army uniforms, they are both hot, and while drinking from their water bottles, take great delight in pouring some over themselves. The water runs down inside Karen's zip top, wetting her lacy bra. She lifts her wet miniskirt and rubs her hands on her dripping knickers and white hold-ups, before moving off. Claudia sits on a rock, and liberally pours water all over and inside her short camouflage dress. When the trickles reach her white satin panties, she caresses herself, and pours more water directly on to her crotch, wetting he black net body stocking. The two girls crawl up onto a patio area, where they are spotted, and a shower is activated. The girls crawl on under the cooling spray, slowly soaking their entire outfits, including sneakers and hair. They lay back on the deck to let the water soak into every crevice. We get some lovely up-skirt shirts, and some very erotic bum wiggling close-ups, as they gyrate their backsides, clearing enjoying the refreshing shower. We see that Claudia's body stocking is crotchless, as the girls grind their bodies together, fondling each other's breasts through their wet clothing. Having unzipped her top, to full reveal her soaked bra, Karen does a slow erotic dance as Claudia lays underneath her, before Karen removes Claudia's dress. They continue to dance and caress each other showing off their drenched underwear, then Karen's stiff wet nipples pop out under her bra. They finish off with a sensuous wet striptease of their remaining clothes, before remembering they are on patrol, continuing it naked.

Download Store 2 Liz - Blue jeans in hotel pool

m16-t0094.jpg m16-t0099.jpg m16-t0104.jpg m16-t0028.jpg m16-t0050.jpg m16-t0224.jpg m16-t0224.jpg

Liz is relaxing by the hotel pool on a hot summer afternoon. She's all alone and feeling naughty. She lays on the pool edge, and dips her white heels in the water. The shoes soon fill up, soaking her nylon pop-socks inside, and the ends of her blue jeans. Standing up, she slowly walks down the steps, showing off the wetness creeping up her blue denim legs. On the bottom step, the cool water is lapping at her crotch and bottom, she dips slowly down to wet her nether regions, clearly enjoying the wetness penetrating her jeans and wetting her panties beneath. Standing up, we get some close-ups of her wet bottom, before she walks right into the pool. The sleeves of her long red top getting wet, as she relishes the wonderful water, dipping her breasts under, to reveal the lines of her bra, perfectly framing her dripping wet breasts. She pirouettes in the pool, caressing her sexy wet body, before having a gentle swim, still with her shoes on. She dips underwater to drench her long dark hair, and the camera follows her for some underwater swimming shots, and close up of her saturated jeans, top and backside. Emerging from the water, she shows off her wet clothes on the handrail, as the camera zooms in close. After some more fully clothed lengths, she relaxes on the grass, enjoying the feeling of her tight, wet jeans, before dancing back into the pool to slowly remove her saturated top and water laden jeans, revealing her sheer bra and knickers. She poses on the side, caressing her breasts through her dripping underwear, before a final swim.

Download Store 3 Rachel - Marilyn Monroe white dress and panties over a water jet

m16-t0150.jpg m16-t0153.jpg m16-t0158.jpg m16-t0011.jpg m16-t0162.jpg m16-t0246.jpg

Rachel is dressed in her 'Marilyn Monroe' dress, as she walks around the pool, with the wind blowing her skirts up. She's feeling naughty, and she dances, lifting her hem, to show off her skimpy red panties. When she finds a jet of water in the garden, she cannot resist, lifting her skirts, she walks right into it. The water hits the front of her dress, soaking straight through to her crotch, and her breasts. She turns and lets the cool water run over her rounded bottom. Gyrating in the stream of water, she's cooling down nicely. She lifts the dress clear of her backside, and the jet of water goes clear up her crack. With the wind blowing her drenched dress about, and her hard nipples poking through, she lets the water splash on to her hair, before releasing the halter neck strap, to show off her large wet breasts. After some more gyrating, she drops the dress to the floor, and dances in just her soaking wet red knickers and matching drenched red heels, before the panties are slid down to leave her wet and naked, save for her dripping red shoes.

Download Store 4 Sarah McLean - Yellow silky top and skirt under water spout

m16-t0179.jpg m16-t0184.jpg m16-t0039.jpg m16-t0186.jpg m16-t0188.jpg m16-t0190.jpg

Sarah is walking around the villa, dressed to go out for dinner, in a silky yellow strapless top and knee-length skirt. She's also wearing black stockings and heels, and long white gloves, making her very hot in the searing afternoon heat. Seeing a pipe spewing water, she can't resist, putting a gloved hand into the cool water, she drops her clutch bag to the wet ground. Wetting both gloves, she splashes water on her neck, and chest, before stepping into the stream to completely soak the front of her outfit. She gives a small gasp as the water runs down her cleavage, inside her skirt, and soaks her panties. Her wet stocking tops and knickers are clearly visible through the thin wet material as she turns and wets her arse, caressing it with her drenched gloves. The water cascades down her nylons and into her shoes as she gyrates on the rough ground. The weight of the soaked top pulls it down, just showing her erect nipples, she pulls it up again, and caressed her large wet breasts as she soaks her hair, with wild abandon. Squatting down, she exposes her wet panties, then with her hands on the floor she wiggles her wet bottom in the water, with her red knickers showing right through. She peels down her top and skirt, fully revealing her breasts, then walks off still wearing the rest of her wet gear.

Download Store 5 Louise - Green buttoned dress + full underwear, mud tub in garden, then shower off

m16-t0033.jpg m16-t0108.jpg m16-t0112.jpg m16-t0113.jpg m16-t0120.jpg m16-t0238.jpg

Louise has just bought some new shoes, and is admiring them, and even licking them! She just wants to be a bad girl again. Out in the garden, she sits down by a tub full of chocolate coloured mud, and naughtily starts dipping her strappy heels in the sticky liquid. She shows off her mud covered shoes and stocking clad feet, her legs are apart, and we can see up to her crotch. She works the mud all the way up her stockings, then cheekily rubs the chocolate clay into the front of her white, button up teddy underneath. After a quick walk about, with sticky shoes, legs and crotch, flashing her red girdle and muddy crotch at the camera, she kneels by the tub, and runs mud up the sleeves of her green dress and over her top. She dips forward getting mud down her cleavage, and unbuttons her dress to let more in. Next she straddles the clay tub, and dips her crotch right in, immersing her backside as well. Caressing her crotch, she's really enjoying the creamy liquid, she massages more into her teddy and then slipping it down, into her naked breasts. With her muddy dress now hanging off, she strolls over to the garden spray, and slowly washes the mud from her clothes. The sticky dress is peeled off, and she stands under the shower, with her muddy breasts pulled out from her top. She plays with her muddy bottom and sticky legs, removing her ruined shoes and then slowly strips down, licking her nipples as she goes.

Download Store 6 Vicky - White cotton trousers, light blouse and pretty purple bra and panties, romping in the sea

m16-t0210.jpg m16-t0206.jpg m16-t0212.jpg m16-t0214.jpg m16-t0218.jpg m16-t0235.jpg

Vicky has gone down to the beach to enjoy the late afternoon sun. Having been shopping, she's not dressed for a dip, but that's never stopped her! She's wearing white cotton trousers and a thin, light green top. She does take off her shoes, but only so she can enjoy the sand through her pale green pop socks. She ventures slowly into the crashing waves, soaking her socks and then her trouser legs, which go very transparent, revealing her purple panties beneath. Before getting more wet, she sits on the edge, playing with her wet nylon clad feet in the wet sand, it's a nice feeling. She walks back in, and we get some lovely wet arse shots. After her crotch submerges, the waves start to lap at the bottom of her breasts, and her purple bra and stiff nipples are soon showing right through her flimsy wet blouse. From behind we can see close-ups of her wet bra straps, as she bobs up and down, getting wetter and wetter, enjoying every moment and movement of her wet clothes. Back on the edge, she lays back, spreading her legs, as if waiting for someone, her wet crotch and breasts dripping and ready, with the waves breaking over her. After wading back in again, she emerges with her top and pants glued to every curve. The lines of her soaked bra and knickers glisten in the sunshine. Sitting on the edge, she sucks her own toes, before rolling over for some more great wet backside close-ups. She's really having a good time, and does want to get out. Back in the waves, she caresses her wet body, before ripping her blouse open to fully reveal her dripping wet bra, with her nipples protruding through the thin wet material. Her saturated white trousers are then slipped down, and we can see her lovely rounded bottom held in by the dripping wet knickers. Prancing about in her wet purple underwear, she waves to some passers-by before peeling off the wet and ruined pop socks. A final dip, sees some lovely wet cleavage shots with her soft breasts held by the soaking wet bra, before she gently removes it and comes out in just her soaked panties.

Download Store 7 Leona, Nina and Rebecca - Leotard and leggings, vest and leggings, blue cotton dress and jacket, all romping in the sea

m16-t0164.jpg m16-t0166.jpg m16-t0169.jpg m16-t0171.jpg m16-t0172.jpg m16-t0175.jpg m16-t0080.jpg m16-t0082.jpg m16-t0025.jpg m16-t0086.jpg m16-t0090.jpg m16-t0092.jpg m16-t0138.jpg m16-t0142.jpg m16-t0145.jpg m16-t0146.jpg

Rebecca runs down the beach, and straight into the sea. The water soaks her dark tights (pantyhose) and splashes up to her crotch beneath her blue cotton dress. It's a great feeling, and she's clear having a great time, as she ducks down to drench the bottom of her dress, and splash water onto her short-sleeved jacket. She ducks right down, to soak her top, and her large breasts, then bobs up and down, and pulls off her jacket. The water streams down her wet dress, showing off the curves of her body, and her wet bra underneath. She does some underwater handstands, and we glimpse her wet panties. Rebecca is a true water lover, and doesn't want to come out, larking about in the waves. Next up is Leona and her Mum, Nina. They walk into the waves together, both wearing leopard print lycra leggings. Leona dips in first, after wetting her legs, her zip-fronted yellow cotton leotard follows. First dipping her crotch, then stumbling backwards, soaking her bra and breasts. She messes about getting more and more soaked, the leotard becoming more and more see through as the water fully penetrates the thick cotton. As she swims and rolls about, we get some great shots of her wet workout gear, with her bra straps showing through. Nina has been watching her daughter frolicking in her wet outfit, and decides it's time to soak herself too. She dips down, soaking the crotch of her leggings then her black vest, which is soon falling off her shoulders, exposing one of her breasts. She rolls about in the surf, having a great time on the public beach.

Download Store 8 Claudia and Lucy - Blue jeans and thin cotton tops, pouring water, then in a small pool

m16-t0054.jpg m16-t0124.jpg m16-t0126.jpg m16-t0036.jpg m16-t0056.jpg m16-t0059.jpg m16-t0062.jpg m16-t0131.jpg m16-t0134.jpg m16-t0230.jpg m16-t0254.jpg

Claudia and Lucy are relaxing on the sunbeds, when Lucy gets a wicked smile on her face. She fills a large bucket from the pool, then much to Claudia's surprise, starts pouring the water over her shoes and socks, then her white jeans. They glisten in the sunshine, as Claudia lightly stirs, and caresses her own breast under her thin cotton top. Lucy works the water up past Claudia's crotch, which becomes completely drenched, then douses her short top, which her firm breasts are already starting to escape from. The sticky, wet material revealing their full shape. Claudia is really enjoying the cool water on the hot afternoon. Lucy massages her wet clad legs, then jumps on top of the saturated Claudia, to massage her breasts. Claudia is in wet heaven, sucking her fingers and Lucy is clearly enjoying Claudia's wet body as some dampness transfers to her own jeans. Lucy can't wait any longer to get wet, and at Claudia's suggestion, walks back to the small pool, and slowly submerses herself. Her shoes fill up, soaking her socks, then her blue jeans are slowly drenched as she slides down into the pool, running water over her breasts and stiff nipples. Finally she ducks under, emerging with her thin cotton top glued to her large rounded breasts. After a walk about to savour her soggy shoes and her wet jeans clinging to her legs, she returns to sit on to of Claudia, and the 2 dripping wet girls caress each other on the soaked sunbed. Claudia thinks she's drying out too much, so she takes a slow dip in the pool, enjoying to re-wet her clothes and her hair, before giving us some great wet arse shots on the side. Lucy joins her, and massages her wet clad backside, showing off the lines of her soaked panties beneath the wet, white jeans. Lucy is drying out too, so Claudia grabs the bucket and re-douses Lucy's jeans and thin top, with Lucy enjoying every wet moment. Claudia climbs on top of Lucy, and they rub their wet clothes together, caressing each other all over. They re-enter the pool, and remove their waterlogged shoes before working their wet jeans down in the water. Helping each other with their drenched jeans, they play with their wet feet, still wearing their little white socks. They rub their hard nipples together through the thin wet material, caressing each other, before removing their saturated tops to full show off their large firms breasts. Kneeling on the steps, they face their wet backsides to the camera for some great rear actions shots of their wet knickers and crotches. Sitting on the side, they play again with their saturated socks, with some lovely wet gusset shots.

Download Store 9 Tracie - Green stretch dress, with thin white lycra slip and sheer bra and panties, in the pool

m16-t0192.jpg m16-t0195.jpg m16-t0196.jpg m16-t0200.jpg m16-t0204.jpg m16-t0241.jpg

Tracie is relaxing by the pool, while the camera is creeping about in the undergrowth. She's wearing a stretch lycra dress, and as she wanders towards the pool, we can see her white bra and slip straps on her back. Kneeling on the edge, she splashes cool water on to the front of her green dress, and white fishnet style stockings. Laying back on the sunbed, now aware of the camera, she lifts her legs and plays with her damp backside, before going on all fours with upskirt views of her white wet panties, already showing her muff through. After some sexy dancing, and massaging her crotch, she walks over to the steps, where her matching green shoes are immersed in the water. She dips her bottom in the pool, letting the lines of her knickers show through, before stepping right down in the pool and splashing water deep into her top, soaking her slip and bra beneath. Lifting herself on to the side, her plays with her dripping wet arse through the tightly clinging wet dress, before dropping back in the water. She comes very close up to the camera, her dress has ridden up and she plays with her crotch through her soaking wet panties on the handrail. Pulling her dress tightly down again, she continues to caress and play with all her bet bits, before re-entering the pool and slowly removing her dress. Her white underwear now clearly shows through the very wet and transparent lycra slip. She's really enjoying being so naughty, and gives us some great close ups of her dripping wet cleavage. On the steps again, she continues rubbing her crotch through her wet gusset with close up views from every angle. With her slip round her waist she plays with herself some more, then releasing her lovely round breast from her drenched bra, she replaces the slip, to dance some more in the pool, with her stiff nipples protruding through the clingy wet slip. Slowly removing her wet panties from underneath her slip, she gyrates some more, in and out of the pool, before stripping naked.

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