Wet Me Now - M15
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Loads of wet delights on Minx 15. 13 gorgeous girls who delight in their wet clothing. 11 scenes full of wet naughtiness.

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1 Jenny - White cotton jump-suit + underwear + heels - Outdoor shower

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Strolling around the villa in the Spanish heat, Jenny discovers a hose pipe spurting out cool water. She can't resist the temptation, and first wets her black heels, cooling down her feet, the bottom of her thin cotton jump-suit is soon soaked. She lets the water go higher and higher, the white material turning transparent, and revealing her maroon panties. Working the stream over her short sleeved blouse, her shapely breasts reveal their shape under the matching bra. Jenny caresses her body, letting the water engulf her, the thin fabric clinging to every curve. There are lots of close-up shots as she gyrates to the music, slowly stripping off her drenched garments to finish in just her dripping knickers.

2 Claudia - Red stretch dress + full underwear + heels - Indoor shower

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Claudia is dressed to go out for the evening, wearing a body hugging, stretch red dress, with full white underwear and heels. However, instead of going out, she heads for the shower, dowsing her red dress. The water runs down her cleavage, wetting her bra, girdle and panties before soaking into her white hose, and filling her heels. The feeling is lovely, as she dips her bottom into the spray, beads of water form before soaking into the dress. She is soon completely soaked, and sits down to play with herself through her wet knickers. After showing herself off in various positions, she strips off the dress for some more fun with her body, before stripping down to finish in just her wet stockings and suspenders.

3 Helen + Rachel - White dress + bra + pantyhose / White blouse + silky trousers - Pouring water + pool

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Helen is relaxing on a sunbed by the pool in the afternoon sun. She wants to cool off, and Rachel obliges by slowing pouring water over her. Helen's lacy white bra is soon showing through, as the refreshing water penetrates her thin white dress. Rachel continues soaking Helen, pouring the water over her crotch area, revealing that she's only wearing white pantyhose underneath, while Helen caresses her very wet curves with her lacy gloves. Next it's Rachel's turn, and Helen slowly drenches her bright pink trousers and thin white nylon blouse, she turns and kneels over to let Helen soak her backside, the wet trousers following her large round bottom. Helen is drying quickly in the heat, and she wants her arse wet, so kneeling on the bed, Rachel pours a whole bucket of water over her, and we see the back of the dress quickly turn see-through revealing again the outline of the tights. Again drying off in the sun, they slide down into the pool, after removing their dripping white high-heels. Helen's white dress goes totally transparent before she strips to her wet bra and sheer pantyhose, and Rachel's large breast are seen perfectly through the clingy wet blouse, before she strips to just her black panties.

4 Donna - Cocktail dress + underwear + heels - Waterpark

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Wearing her cocktail outfit, Donna takes a shortcut to the party through the water park. Her gold heels and white hold-up stockings get splashed as she walks through the shallow water. She likes the feeling, and splashes further up her legs. By now, she's very excited, and forgetting about the party, she sits in the shallow waterfall, soaking her bottom, through her purple skirt. Laying back, water splashes over her top, soaking through to her bra beneath. Loosing all inhibition, she walks down the cascading water steps slowly immersing her fully clothed and tingling body in the pool. Her shoes are soon lost to the bottom, and she has great fun swimming, climbing out and jumping back in with any care for her new clothes and jewellery. We get flashes of her thin white panties and black net underskirt, before she unbuttons her top, when she realised that her strapless bra has slid down, exposing her stiff wet nipples. Removing her drenched top and skirt, she swims around in her underwear, showing off her wet backside.

5 Sara - Blue Jeans + white T-Shirt + Cardigan + heels - Pool

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Sara checks out her friend's pool, and can't resist dipping her feet in, still wearing her silver heels and dark blue jeans. The feeling of the wet fabric is so good, that she starts splashing water up her legs, and all over her crotch. She's now very excited and describes the feeling of the wet penetration as she walks down into the pool. She opens her short-sleeved cardigan, to look at her large breasts about to burst through her white T-shirt before dunking them under water. Their curvy shape is immediately revealed but the saturated T-shirt, and she slinkily walks up the steps to remove her jumper. Re-entering the pool, she plays sensuously with her wet breasts, before removing the top, for a topless swim in her tight wet jeans and shoes. On the steps she unzips her dripping jeans so that her hand can play with her vital spots. Pulling the sticky wet jeans further down, she can caress her arse, and then play with herself more, through her soaked cream cotton panties. After a swim in just her knickers and shoes, she plays some more inside her panties.

6 Karen - Plastic Mac + Green cotton dress + panties + heels - 'Rain'

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Karen is sweeping the patio, wearing a black plastic mac and hat over her thin green dress. She's obviously expecting rain, and it arrives, steaming down her cover-up. She continues sweeping, but starts being naughty, letting some of the water run down inside, soaking her dress. Her high-heels are splashing about in the puddles, as she removes the mac to show off her soaking wet dress, caressing her breasts. She unbuttons the dress, to expose herself, then after playing with her stiff nipples, she gyrates her bottom towards the camera, letting us see the outline of her white panties and hold-up stockings through the fabric of her drenched dress. She then slowly de-robes, starting with the plastic mac, then the dress, prances around feeling her body, wearing just her dripping knickers, hose and heels, before removing her knickers to show off her very wet ginger minge.

7 Sarah McLean - Black jeans + white top + sneakers + socks - Pool

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Sarah is laying by the pool wearing her best black jeans and a knitted vest. Feeling very hot and sticky, she wants to cool off, and does so using jugs of water from the pool. She pours the water over her black shoes and turquoise socks before moving on to wet her jeans and top. She sits on the side, dipping her shoes and jean bottoms into the pool, as she thoroughly soaks her top, letting her creamy white bra show through. She then turns to shown off her very wet arse and drops down into the pool, to complete her soaking. After a short swim in all her clothes, she emerges totally drenched, grabs an inflatable, and floats around on it enjoying the wet abandon of wearing her soaking wet clothes in the sun. Straddling the lilo, we get some great views of her wet backside, crotch and voluptuous breasts before she emerges again to strip off, first loosing her wet top and sticky wet bra. These are followed by her sopping wet shoes and socks and finally her sodden jeans to finish sunbathing in just her wet panties.

8 Sarah Daniels + Vicky - Skirts + blouse/T-Shirt + underwear + sneakers + socks - Waterfalls

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Sarah and Vicky are visiting one of the waterfalls in Thailand. They are dresses as typical tourists, Sarah in a red skirt and white cotton blouse, Vicky in a black skirt and white T-shirt. The girls walk to the water's edge, and dip in their sneakers, the water feels very refreshing as it seeps into the shoes, soaking Vicky's socks. Walking across some shallow water, Sarah misses her footing, and plonks her backside into the river. She can feel the water has penetrated her skirt and panties, up to her crotch at the front. Walking up to the waterfall, Vicky takes the lead, turning to rinse her hair, and in doing so, soaking the back of her top and skirt. In the meantime, Sarah sits down and completely drenches her shirt and some of her blouse. Vicky's white bra is showing through nicely as she turns and dips her breasts into the cascading water, before dunking right under. Sarah moves under the falls as well, her blue bra immediately revealed through the thin wet blouse. Vicky's stiff wet nipples are now clearly visible and even Sarah's stick out through her wet bra. The girls play around on the rocks, soaking wet before going under the falls again, playing with each other's hair, and giving glimpses of their wet knickers. As they walk down the river, the lines of their panties show clearly through their drenched skirts. They find a larger set of waterfalls, and dance around in and out of them, as the wet locals watch. Before walking back to the picnic area to survey their wet clothes, flashing their wet and see-through bras to the camera.

9 Sandy - Blue jeans + white blouse + plimsolls + socks - Play pool

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Sandy is enjoying a warm afternoon in the garden, when the water in the play pool tempts her. She slowly steps in, soaking her white plimsolls and socks. The bottoms of her jeans are wet, and she naughtily dunks her tightly clad arse into the shallow water. The denim immediately turns a darker shade of blue. Liking the look and feel, she kneels down, to get wetter. She scoops up water onto her jeans and thin white blouse. With lots of great close-ups we see how turned on Sandy is getting by the water entering her clothes, wetting her light blue bra and panties, and by being filmed so intimately. As she further drenches her jeans, blouse and bra by rolling around, she loves showing off to the camera, gyrating her soaking wet arse and breasts at the camera. This is one pretty wet girl, and she knows how to work her body and enjoys playing with herself. After playing with her crotch, backside and breasts through her tight wet jeans, she removes her shoes, to show off her wet socks Her clingy wet blouse goes next, then her saturated jeans are peeled off, letting her play for a while inside her wet underwear. Before finishing wet and naked.

10 Chantal + Sara - Workout/exercise gear + sneakers - Pool

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Chantal comes to visit Sara to try out her exercise equipment. Both are wearing long sleeved leotards over thin white leggings. They are soon sweaty and frisky, and decide to try a pool workout. They test the water first, by kneeling on the poolside and splashing water up onto their clothed breasts. The cooling water quickly reveals their stiff nipples, before dripping down to soak their crotches and legs. They are very excited, and share an intimate kiss and caress before Sara hops down the pool steps, still wearing her white sneakers and socks. Bouncing up and down in the water, she is soon completely soaked. Chantal soon joins her, drenching her crotch and breasts beneath her outfit. They do various in-pool exercises in their shapes clearly shown by the all-pervasive water. After some further kissing and caressing, Sara unbuttons the crotch of Chantal's dripping white leotard and realises that she is actually wearing a thin, crotchless, body stocking underneath. With the leotard removed, Sara's body is easily seen through the sheer, wet nylon. Following some body grinding, and a swim, Chantal rubs Sara's pussie through her pink leotard before unbuttoning it and continuing their wet intimacy. Out of the pool, they do more exercises before Chantal removes Sara's wet leotard, caressing her breasts and pussie inside her saturated leggings. Sara rips open Chantal's wet body stocking and they rub their wet breasts together and caress as they strip each other except for the drenched shoes and socks, finishing with a naked romp.

11 Louise - 2 piece layered top + skirt + full underwear + heels - Pool

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At the end of the video, Louise suddenly interjects, already soaking wet in a small pool, she shows us a photoset that she has just done. Sitting poolside she pours water down her matching red jacket and layered skirt, wetting her pink bra, knickers and suspenders beneath. She steps slowly into the pool, wetting her silver heels and white stockings, as she shows off her wet knickers. After drenching her smart outfit and hair, she undoes her jacket and we see her lovely wet bra in full, then after removing her dripping panties, she walks across the hotel gardens to an outdoor shower, where she slowly strips to just her wet hose and dripping girdle.

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