Five Go Wet in the Algarve - M1
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4th Oct 2004: This video is now shipping in dvd format as well as vhs

8th June 2008: New Pics (previously unseen) PLUS All scenes on this video are downloadable now from the Download Store

Warning! This video contains highly erotic scenes of 5 top models who always wet their clothing at the slightest excuse. They love the sensuous feeling of saturated dresses and clinging jeans; they adore showing off the wet garments sticking to every curve of their bodies; and they revel in their naughtiness at soaking their best clothes and footwear. The video runs to a full 90 minutes of heart-pounding wet action, and includes some underwater sequences.

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Download Store 1 We begin in the bedroom at Louise's villa. She is just putting on her leather boots to complete her outfit of black leather skirt, T-shirt and leather jacket over a full set of underwear. Out by the pool, her maid has left a right mess, and Louise ends up jumping into the shallow end to retrieve some rudbish. Loving the feeling of the water running down to her toes inside her tall boots, and of the wet leather skirt on her thighs, she proceeds to soak her top and jacket, reveling in the heavy wetness of the jacket and boots. When her maid, Fleur, eventually returns with supplies for the party, she helps Louise to strip off.

New Pics lapbl03.jpg lapbl04.jpg lapbl06.jpg lapbl08.jpg

Download Store 2 Seeing her mistress' wet clothing has excited Fleur, and she takes a dive into the pool, in the sweater and jeans and sneakers that she was wearing to the supermarket. Following an underwater strip, revealing her white bra and panties, she goes off to prepare for the party.

New Pics fapbj01.jpg fapbj02.jpg fapbj03.jpg fapbj04.jpg fapbj05.jpg fapbj06.jpg fapbj07.jpg fapbj08.jpg fapbj09.jpg fapbj10.jpg fapbj11.jpg fapbj12.jpg fapbj13.jpg fapbj14.jpg

Download Store 3 For her drinks party, Louise wears a long, black evening dress, with just suspenders and stockings underneath. Heather is already there, dressed in a thin pink jump-suit and chatting away to Louise. Tracey arrives in a green acetate jacket, long skirt and tights and joins in the girlie talk. Louise tells them about how she jumped in the pool earlier, and Heather decides that it sounds fun, so dives straight in, shoes and all. Louise and Tracey are soon pulled in as well, and the 3 get down to a real pool-party. Fleur, has to wade about in her wet French Maid's uniform, serving them drinks and strawberries. We get a nice underwater strip from her, then after much fun and games, the 3 girls strip off as well.

New Pics 3apew05.jpg 3apew06.jpg 3apew07.jpg 3apew09.jpg 3apew10.jpg 3apew12.jpg 3apew13.jpg 3apew14.jpg

Download Store 4 Tracey so enjoyed messing about in her wet clothes at the party that she has gone down to the beach the next day. She has a great time splashing about in the heavy surf, which soon soakes through her brown button-fronted dress, wetting her white underwear. She can feel the fresh, salty water against her excited skin. The buttons are soon undone, and we see a nice strip right down against a rocky background.

New Pics tabbd03.jpg

Download Store 5 Louise, meanwhile, has gone to visit her friend Sarah, who has been having fun dowsing her blue jeans and white long-sleeved top under a strong jet spray. Louise loves the idea, and is soon dancing about in the spray in her wet jeans also. The girls enter the pool and play about before stripping to their bras and panties.

New Pics 2isbj02.jpg

Download Store 6 It is time for Louise's Wet Fashion Show Spectacular, with guests, Heather, Tracey and Fleur.

Each of the girls treads the catwalk across the pool before soaking their clothes and shoes in different ways. This is repeated with each girl wetting four changes of outfit! After the 16 wet fashions, they all end up in the pool for a sexy fondle and strip.

Louise: New Pics lapfd01.jpg lapfd02.jpg lappd01.jpg lappd03.jpg lappd04.jpg lapps01.jpg lapps02.jpg lapps03.jpg lapps04.jpg laprs01.jpg laprs03.jpg laprs04.jpg laprs05.jpg

Heather: New Pics hapbd02.jpg hapbd03.jpg hapbd04.jpg hapgd01.jpg hapgd03.jpg haprd01.jpg haprd02.jpg haprd05.jpg hapwd02.jpg

Tracey: New Pics tappd01.jpg tappd02.jpg taprd03.jpg taprd04.jpg tapwb01.jpg tapwd02.jpg

Fleur: New Pics fapbs02.jpg fapls01.jpg fapls02.jpg fapls04.jpg fapls05.jpg faprd02.jpg fapwd01.jpg fapwd02.jpg

Stripping down: New Pics 4apfs01.jpg 4apfs02.jpg 4apfs04.jpg 4apfs06.jpg 4apfs07.jpg 4apfs08.jpg

Download Store 7 Louise is back at Sarah's, ready to go to the airport. She's dressed very smartly, in her blue business suit and red blouse. Sarah's offer of a drink turns out to be a pitcher full of water, tipped over poor Louise, completely missing her mouth. Louise's outfit is pretty wet by now, so she requests another 'drink', then chases Sarah down the steps into the pool, quickly soaking Sarah's maroon suit and white blouse. They splash around, playing in the pool, and have a quick grope, before stripping off the heavy clothes to show Louise's purple girdle, matching panties and stockings, and Sarah's white girdle over black tights.

New Pics 2ipbs05.jpg 2ipbs07.jpg 2ipbs09.jpg 2ipbs11.jpg 2ipbs12.jpg 2ipbs13.jpg 2ipbs14.jpg 2ipbs15.jpg 2ipbs16.jpg 2ipbs18.jpg 2ipbs19.jpg 2ipbs21.jpg 2ipbs22.jpg 2ipbs23.jpg 2ipbs24.jpg 2ipbs25.jpg 2ipbs26.jpg

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