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19th Nov 2004: This video is now shipping in dvd format as well as vhs

28th June 2008: New Pics (previously unseen) PLUS All scenes on this video are downloadable now from the Download Store

Our second fully-clothed wetlook video is a huge 1 hour and 53 minutes of soaking wet girls. We have packed in 11 varied scenes of 12 gorgeous models, filmed around the world.

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Download Store 1 First, Donna is at the beach in Gran Canaria. Wearing her blue jeans, and a bra-less orange top, she larks about in the waves, and lays back to enjoy the warm water washing through her wet clothing.

dgbbj01.jpg dgbbj04.jpg dgbbj05.jpg dgbbj06.jpg New Pics

Download Store 2 Helen and Rachel have been out for the evening in Lanzarote, and return home very drunk. Helen has a black dress with a white petticoat and full underwear. Rachel wears a tight black and green evening gown. Both girls are wearing long gloves. They go outside to get some fresh air, but Helen misses her footing and falls straight into the floodlit pool. Rachel tries to help her out, but Helen pulls her in as well. After playing in and out of the pool, the two girls strip off.

2lpew01.jpg 2lpew02.jpg 2lpew03.jpg rhnit1.jpg 2lpew04.jpg 2lpew05.jpg 2lpew06.jpg 2lpew07.jpg 2lpew08.jpg 2lpew09.jpg 2lpew10.jpg 2lpew11.jpg rnit1.jpg New Pics

Download Store 3 Louise and Tracey are sheltering from a brief rain shower, under the barbecue shelter in the Algarve. It doesn't take them long to venture under the streams of water pouring from the roof, totally saturating their tight blue and white jeans and white tops. When the rain stops, the girls have a sexy fondle as they strip off.

2asbj01.jpg 2asbj02.jpg 2asbj03.jpg 2asbj04.jpg 2asbj05.jpg 2asbj06.jpg New Pics

Download Store 4 Vicky has been trying on an old green summer frock, when she decides to get in the bath, still fully dressed. After drenching her outfit, she rips the dress to shreds as well as her stockings and her teddy.

vhbgd01.jpg vhbgd02.jpg vhbgd03.jpg vhbgd04.jpg vhbgd05.jpg vhbgd06.jpg vhbgd07.jpg vhbgd08.jpg vhbgd09.jpg vhbgd10.jpg New Pics

Download Store 5 In Ibiza, Sarah is walking in the garden with her umbrella under a shower. The cooling water runs off the umbrella and quickly turns her skimpy cream mini-dress completely transparent. This reveals her lovely breasts, and black panties. After a thorough soaking, she strips off.

siswd01.jpg siswd02.jpg siswd03.jpg siswd04.jpg siswd05.jpg siswd06.jpg siswd07.jpg siswd08.jpg siswd09.jpg New Pics

Download Store 6 Louise and Heather are dressed as school girls. They are sitting on the pool steps, drinking wine. Heather soon decides to get her legs wet, along with the hem of her mini skirt. Louise is dragged in also, and the two girls are soon playing sexily in their soaking school uniforms. Before the girls strip right down, we get some underwater footage and some very sexy cuddling, kissing and slapping (these girls really like each other!).

2apsu01.jpg 2apsu13.jpg 2apsu02.jpg 2apsu03.jpg 2apsu04.jpg 2apsu05.jpg 2apsu06.jpg 2apsu07.jpg 2apsu08.jpg 2apsu09.jpg 2apsu10.jpg 2apsu11.jpg 2apsu12.jpg 2apsu14.jpg 2apsu15.jpg 2apsu16.jpg 2apsu17.jpg 2apsu18.jpg 2apsu19.jpg 2apsu20.jpg 2apsu21.jpg 2apsu22.jpg 2apsu23.jpg 2apsu24.jpg 2apsu25.jpg 2apsu26.jpg 2apsu27.jpg 2apsu28.jpg 2apsu29.jpg 2apsu30.jpg 2apsu31.jpg New Pics

Download Store 7 Sammy and Michelle are dancing under a tree in the rain in Menorca. They both wear very short, stretch dresses, Michelle in black, and Sammy in gold. When they've finished bobbing about, they take to the pool, playing on a lilo before struggling to pull each other's panties down.

2mspd01.jpg 2mspd02.jpg 2mspd03.jpg 2mspd04.jpg 2mspd05.jpg 2mspd10.jpg 2mspd11.jpg 2mspd12.jpg 2mspd13.jpg 2mspd14.jpg 2mspd15.jpg 2mspd16.jpg 2mspd17.jpg 2mspd18.jpg 2mspd19.jpg 2mspd20.jpg 2mspd21.jpg New Pics

Download Store 8 Liz has left her friends downstairs at the party to have a bottle of bubbly all to herself in the bathroom. She has trouble opening the bottle, and ends up spraying her leather trousers and white top with the wine. There's nothing for it, but to jump in the bath with all her clothes still on. (This of course was her intention all along!).

zhblt1.jpg zhblt2.jpg zhblt3.jpg zhblt4.jpg zhblt10.jpg zhblt11.jpg zhblt12.jpg zhblt13.jpg zhblt14.jpg zhblt15.jpg zhblt16.jpg zhblt17.jpg zhblt18.jpg zhblt19.jpg zhblt20.jpg zhblt21.jpg zhblt22.jpg lizface1.jpg lizface2.jpg lizface3.jpg New Pics

Download Store 9 Midnight sees Elisabeth visiting the beach in her blue jeans, short blue blouse and training shoes. She teases us as she slowly gets her jeans wetter and wetter. Finally the refreshing sea water reaches her crotch, and she dunks her top under before rolling about. Her blouse is removed, revealing a very see-through stretch teddy, and we end with some lovely bum shots as she bends over to remove the dripping jeans.

lenbj1.jpg lenbj2.jpg lenbj3.jpg lenbj4.jpg lenbj5.jpg lenbj6.jpg lenbj7.jpg New Pics

Download Store 10 Next, Helen and Rachel perform a wet fashion show. They have 4 outfits each, including various dresses and skirts (both tight minis and longer flowing ones), pyjamas and even a pair of dungarees. They soak the outfits in a water jet and by walking down the slope into the pool. We see many of the outfits being stripped off as they get ready for their next set of clothes to drench.

hljfd01.jpg hljfd02.jpg hljfd03.jpg hlpbs01.jpg hlpbs02.jpg hlpbs03.jpg hlpbs04.jpg hlpgt01.jpg hlpgt02.jpg hlpgt03.jpg hlpgt04.jpg hlppj01.jpg hlppj02.jpg hlppj03.jpg hlpwd01.jpg hlpwd02.jpg hlpwd03.jpg hlpwd04.jpg hlpwd05.jpg rach1.jpg rljyd01.jpg rljyd02.jpg rljyd03.jpg rljyd04.jpg rlpbd01.jpg rlpbd02.jpg rlpbd03.jpg rlpbd04.jpg rlpbd05.jpg rlpbd06.jpg rlpbd07.jpg rlpbs01.jpg rlpbs02.jpg rlpbs03.jpg rlpbs04.jpg rlpbs05.jpg rlpgd01.jpg rlpgd02.jpg rlpgd03.jpg rlpgd04.jpg rlpgd05.jpg rlpgd06.jpg rlpwd01.jpg rlpwd02.jpg rlpwd03.jpg rlpwd04.jpg 2lpvo01.jpg 2lpvo02.jpg New Pics

Download Store 11 In the final scene, Louise is at the beach. It's early morning and even the Germans haven't arrived yet! She is so eager to sample the clear Ibiza sea, that she strolls right in, filling her tall red boots. Next her white jeans become see-through as she wanders deeper into the water. She splashes some sparking water on to her ample, bra-less, breasts, and their shape is quickly discernible though her red blouse. She swims a few strokes in the shallow water, and removes her top to fully expose her boobs in the crystal clear water, before walking off to the beach bar for breakfast, topless, and still clad in her tight wet jeans and boots.

libwj01.jpg libwj02.jpg libwj03.jpg libwj04.jpg libwj05.jpg libwj06.jpg libwj07.jpg libwj08.jpg libwj09.jpg New Pics

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