Louise's Waterworld - M3
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13th Jan 2005: This video is now shipping in dvd format as well as vhs

5th Aug 2008: New Pics (previously unseen) PLUS All scenes on this video are downloadable now from the Download Store

Our 3rd release features 10 scenes of the inimitable Louise "L'Amour" Hodges and her two girl slaves. The 1 hour 48 minute film follows her around the pools, beaches and hot tubs of Miami and the Florida Keys.

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Download Store 1 After cleaning the bathroom, Vicky, the maid, decides to wash her hair. She gets in the bath still wearing her full uniform, including white stockings and heels. Louise turns up, and helps wash her hair, then she too, steps in fully clothed. Her frilly pink dress soon revealing her black suspender tights. After having her hair washed, she decides that she doesn't like her dress, and rips it apart! Once stripped to their underwear, the girls explore each others bodies in some very sexy moments, before Louise realises that she's supposed to be off to the airport.

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Download Store 2 Louise has arrived in Miami, and greets us from a South Beach restaurant. She dines, then dances to some local music. Suitably intoxicated, she has an impromptu dip in the night- club's open-air pool, still in her tight red dress, and black heels. She's nearly thrown out after flashing her breasts at the crowd!

lfprd01.jpg lfprd02.jpg

Download Store 3 Next day, she is out for a jog along the beach, suitable clothed in a white, stretch top, and short skirt. She can't resist the warm ocean and is soon being washed by the large waves. Her green bra and knickers are now very visible under the drenched clothing. Back at the pool, she washes off under the outdoor shower, then strips right off.

lfsps03.jpg lfsps04.jpg lfsps05.jpg lfsps06.jpg lfsps02.jpg lfsps07.jpg lfsps08.jpg lfsps09.jpg lfsps1.jpg

Download Store 4 Having now donned her blue Levi's and a white blouse, Louise takes to the pool. She straddles the pole on the steps and rubs it between her sodden denim clad legs. We get some nice bum shots, and underwater footage before she strips to her white underwear.

lfpbj01.jpg lfpbj02.jpg lfpbj03.jpg lfpbj11.jpg lfpbj12.jpg lfpbj13.jpg lfpbj14.jpg lfpbj15.jpg lfpbj16.jpg

Download Store 5 Next we're off to the Fontainebleu Hilton. Louise looks very like Bo Derek, in a skimpy white skirt and blouse over some pretty pink underwear. She takes a sensuous dip in one of the scenic spa pools. Sitting and playing with herself underwater, then rinses her hair under the waterfall.

lfpwd01.jpg lfpwd02.jpg lfpwd03.jpg lfpwd04.jpg lfpwd05.jpg

Download Store 6 As night falls over the Florida Keys, Louise investigates the underwater lighting in the hotel pool. Her orange skirt and red blouse soon become gloriously wet, glisening under the twinkling lights. She moves to the outdoor hot tub, and takes off her blouse to reveal her lacy yellow underwear and holdups.

lfpos01.jpg lfpos02.jpg lfpos03.jpg lfpos04.jpg lfpos05.jpg

Download Store 7 The hot tub was such fun that next day she finds another one. She slowly sinks into the foaming water, making her tight red designer dress, seamed stockings and red heels all shiney and wet. After rinsing her hair, she really catches everyone's attention, as she strips off to show that her sexy red basque and G-string are soaked through.

lfjrd01.jpg lfjrd02.jpg lfjrd03.jpg lfjrd04.jpg lfjrd05.jpg

Download Store 8 Wearing a pretty Southern Belle outfit, Louise is having a 'quiet' smoke on her balcony. Then feeling naughty again, she wanders down to the hotel pool for a fully clothed dip. First raising her long blue and white dress so we can see as her already quite see-through knickers enter the pool. Then after showing off her wet arse to the camera, she dunks herself right in, and we get some great underwater footage as she strips the dress off, and plays up to the camera. Finally she pulls down her lacy girdle and panties, for some rather naughty shots!

lfpfd01.jpg lfpfd05.jpg lfpfd08.jpg lfpfd10.jpg lfpfd2.jpg lfpfd3.jpg lfpfd4.jpg lfpfd6.jpg lfpfd7.jpg lfpfd9.jpg lfpwu01.jpg lfpwu02.jpg lfpwu03.jpg lfpwu04.jpg lfpwu05.jpg

Download Store 9 Back in jeans again, with trainers and short socks, Louise takes a sensuous dip at her own beach. Having dunked down in the water, her bra-less breasts are extremely visible through her ribbed, blue blouse. After dancing in the water, she wanders back up to her Tiki-bar, and has a cigarette before strolling down the boat jetty. Removing her top, to expose her bosom, she grabs a hose and stuffs it down her jeans to fully excite herself. Water streams from her saturated jeans, and into her sneakers. Finally she strips off, with some lovely rear end shots.

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Download Store 10 Time to go home, Louise has dressed in a body hugging, designer dress, fashion tights and black heels. Tracey, her chauffeur, is relaxing on a floating bed in the pool, and doesn't want to work. She soon gets water thrown over her, soaking her beige ski-pants and a white blouse. Louise has to get down into the pool, still carrying her handbag, to pull Tracey off the bed before she agrees to work. By then, however, the two girls are enjoying their wet clothing too much, and decide to get friendly in the water instead. They kiss, cuddle and bum slap in the pool, take turns to strip each other off, and end up snogging and toe-sucking on the floating bed.

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