My Beautiful Wet Dress - M9
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The 9th video from Minx squeezes 16 scenes with 17 girls into a sizzling 2 hour video! We not only have beautiful wet dresses, but just as many wonderfully wet jeans, shapely wet leggings and dripping wet skirts.

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Download Store 1 Jo and Vicky are both feeling frisky, and head to Miami Beach. First they take a paddle, but then venture further. We are right there with them in the surf as their thin dresses quickly become plastered to every curve of their bodies. The girls flash their tanned breasts to passers by and then play with each other above and below the water.

Download Store 2 Liz is feeling the heat in Gozo. Wearing her tight blue jeans and a white T-shirt, she takes a sensuous outdoor shower. She dances in, soaking her bottom first, and dancing to music with some wonderful wet denim shots. Then she strips to her white underwear and finally right down.

Download Store 3 Lisa James is at Typhoon Lagoon in Orlando. The water is so inviting, she uses her black lycra dress and white panties as her swimming costume. Lisa loves to get wet in public places, and enjoys the freedom of her breasts bouncing around unrestricted beneath her dress.

Download Store 4 Louise was in a very playful mood when she donned her dark blue jeans in Ibiza and said, I want to swim in the sea. At the best beach on the island, she wades into the clear, calm water and has a wonderful time slowly soaking her clothes. She’s not wearing a bra, and this is soon apparent as she keeps showing to the camera! She ends up stripping to just her pink panties right in plain sight in the water.

Download Store 5 At another public water park, this time in Gran Canaria, Donna is wearing a black cotton leotard with a long black skirt on top. She wanders along the end, soaking her shoes and the hem of her dress. She delights in squatting down to get a wet bottom, then lays back in the water to cool off, and to show her excited nipples though her drenched leotard.

Download Store 6 Karen and Claudia have ventured to a rocky cove on Ibiza. Climbing down into the crystal clear water in their short vinyl skirts and tops, Claudia manages to rip her tights (pantyhose) a bit. Once in the water, complete with their fashion shoes, the girls play about, and then Karen helps to rip Claudia’s tights even more.

Download Store 7 Next Leona takes a quick dip in the sea, wearing a thin cream skirt and blouse over her polkadot body. Her top layer rapidly becomes completely transparent, before she goes for a fully clothed swim.

Download Store 8 Another quick dip with Rebecca in a floaty blue skirt and top. The water and wind really gets inside her outfit, and the top is soon removed to show off her wet bra and amble bosom.

Download Store 9 In Lanzarote, Helen and Rachel are both wearing white jeans to go out, but it is too hot, and Rachel’s jeans are too tight. Helen has the bright idea of pouring water over herself and then over Rachel. This cools them down, but the jeans are just as tight, so they resign themselves to a fully clothed soak in the pool before stripping of to find something more suitable to wear.

Download Store 10 Sarah and Louise still have some clothes left from the wet fashion show in M4-Another Wet Day in Paradise. First Louise soaks a pretty, matching short skirt and top, in the jets of water also wetting the sexy, white teddy underneath, before dowsing herself in the pool. Sarah follows with a shear, grey dress with just panties and stockings underneath. The dress clings beautifully as the water from the jets slowly travel further up her body, then saturating her full breasts. She joins Louise in the pool for some games, then the two girls strip right off.

Download Store 11 Tracey is relaxing on an inflatable bed in the pool. She has been floating about without getting her jeans, her very sheer black body or even her heels wet. She soon gets bored with that and starts getting herself wet slowly dipping her shoes and legs over the side, then lifting them up. The water runs back down her legs to her crotch and forms a pool which soaks around her back side. Then using her shoes, she soaks her whole outfit down before rolling in for some underwater swimming. She comes out, and has a quick smoke of a cigarette and to admire her wet curvaceous body before jumping back in and removing her jeans.

Download Store 12 Returning to Thailand we see Ong and Doon (from video M6-Wet Encounters) rolling about on the bed in matching tops and short skirts. They have been out for the evening and are rather drunk! When they go to the bathroom (girls always go in pairs, this is why...) Doon immediately jumps in the full bathtub from earlier in the evening. Ong, steps in and sits on the side before slowly sliding in. Their clothes, full underwear and fashion shoes are completely drenched. The two girls are very frisky and massage each other though their wet knickers and eventually strip right off.

Download Store 13 Next it’s time for a workout, and Louise does it in style at her Florida villa. First she wears a stripy cotton leotard and blue lycra stirrup pants. Coming down the steps, she bobs up and down to the music, soaking more of her legs, then her crotch and then her ample breasts. Once completely wet, she bounces around before rolling down her leotard to bounce around in her black bra. Then she changes outfits, to a mosaic leotard and black cotton leggings. This time, she slowly lowers herself off the side, to soak just her legs, bottom and crotch, before completely immersing her curvy body to wet all of her outfit.

Download Store 14 Lucy admires the scenery in Gozo, her thin white cotton blouse flapping in the wind, already showing that she’s wearing nothing underneath. As she comes down the stairs, she finds a jug of water and in a very sensuous scene, slowly pours bits all over her clothes. Her blouse immediately becomes more and more see though and it is soon clear that she has no underwear on the bottom either! After a complete dowsing, she continues down to the pool, where she has a gentle soak.

Download Store 15 Claudia is wearing her cream PVC skirt suit. She dips her shoe in the pool and it feels nice as the water soaks into her tights. She takes a few steps down into the pool, and it feels even better, so she continues down and is standing with water just up to her waist. She slowly dips down the rest of the way, utterly soaking her jacket, thin white top, and her lacy bra. Coming up the steps again, her jacket is full of water, in the pockets and the lining, and she has fits of giggles as she squeezes it out before jumping back in. After a bit of underwater footage, she comes out to strip off her top layer, and then swims a bit more in her wet bra, knickers, tights and shoes.

Download Store 16 Finally Louise is in the Algarve. She’s just bought a little brown dress and wants to try it out wet, her favourite style. To add to the effect, she’s wearing black knickers, stockings and shoes. The small pool is very inviting, and Louise wastes no time getting her legs wet. She loves the feeling of the water travelling higher and higher, and savours the moment. Once the bottom half of the dress (and her) is soaked, she splashes water up to wet the dress covering her breasts and to show off her excited nipples. We get some very suggestive angles above and below the water, then she first removes her knickers and walks around, then finally her sodden dress is removed, having passed it’s test well.

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