Mask Of Wetness - M8
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26th March 2010: All scenes on this video are downloadable now from theDownload Store

26th May 2008: This video is now shipping in dvd format as well as vhs

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The latest video from Minx packs 13 scenes with 16 girls into a sizzling full 2 hour video! With 2 fully clothed shampoo sequences, a soggy school-girl outfit, a dripping tennis outfit, muddy riding gear and boots, wet and silky pyjamas, 2 dunked cheerleaders, 4 pairs of wet jeans, several clingy dresses and even a saturated fur coat, there's something for everyone at the beach, in the pool, the shower, at the river, and more places besides.

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Download Store 1 First up, is Donna in the ultimate tennis fantasy. It's very hot, and she uses her large bottle of lemonade to refresh herself, and her tennis outfit. Then plays some more, before she sits on a garden sprinkler, to really soak her clothes. Then it's back to the tennis for a bit, completely soaked, before re-drenching herself at the poolside shower in front of all the hotel guests, still wearing her sneakers and socks.

Download Store 2 Next Angie decides to check the feel of her skin-tight stonewashed jeans as she slowly immerses herself fully clothed in the pool. After revelling in her wet gear, she removes her bra under her white blouse for another dip, then strips right off at the end.

Download Store 3 Helen is surveying the back of the villa, when Rachel suddenly attacks her with a hose, soaking her brown top and medium full skirt. Helen tries to retaliate with several buckets of water, but keeps missing! Rachel is in hysterics, but finally gets her brown top and shirt saturated as well. After some hose play up each other's skirts, the girls swim fully clothed and shoed in the pool, before removing their garments to reveal full matching black underwear.

Download Store 4 Elisabeth has been riding her horse, and decides that she is not yet dirty enough. At the small stream, she wallows on the muddy bank, loving the feeling of her wet and muddy jodhpurs and white blouse. Her riding boots fill up with water, and she uses her hat to wet her hair.

Download Store 5 Next a quick scene with Karen in a skimpy blue dress, on the roof in Ibiza with a spectacular Mediterranean backdrop. She lowers herself into a large tub of water, soaking her white knickers and the bottom of her dress. Then she plays with her breasts though the clingy material, before dancing, and pouring more water over her head.

Download Store 6 Tracey is wearing pink silk pyjamas, over a sheer body. To wake herself up, she takes an early morning walk into the pool, with some lovely underwater shots before she takes off the PJ's leaving the thin orange body melting to hers, showing her exquisite wet breasts.

Download Store 7 Claudia is walking with the tourists on the beach in her flowery orange dress, and is tempted by the surf. Soon she is rolling in it, and completely soaked. She loves playing with her dripping breasts and crotch and does some cartwheels before removing her wet dress and knickers.

Download Store 8 Lucy is wearing her naughty school-girl uniform, and delights in taking a sexy shower, soaking every last item, her black shoes, her white tights, her blue skirt, white blouse and tie, and feeling the wetness seep through to her white underwear beneath. After briefly washing her hair, she caresses and washes herself though her sopping uniform, then strips off her wet garments.

Download Store 9 Lisa Volente is exploring the jungle, when it starts to rain. Although she's wearing a translucent waterproof Mac the water is soon running inside, saturating her red body and blue jeans, and sending tingles all over her body. Her yachting shoes fill up, soaking her white socks. After removing her Mac, we see her beautiful figure though the very thin body and tight jeans, as she shampoos her very long hair in the downpour.

Download Store 10 Jo Hobbs and Vicky return from cheerleading in very high spirits. Seeing Lisa Demontis lazing by the pool, they quickly throw her in, soaking her jeans and light blue top. Jo falls in also, and Vicky is chased in, both of them drenching their sweatshirt and short blue skirt uniforms. As the girls play in and out of the pool, we get some great wet up-skirt shots, and some lovely wet shoe and wet jeans close-ups, before the girls strip off underwater.

Download Store 11 Liz dances in an outdoor shower, soaking her jacket and dress, and letting her lovely long stockinged-legs glisten. She removes the soaking dress, and wears just the short jacket loosely over her breasts as she dances in her wet panties and stockings.

Download Store 12 Jo Bache steps off her boat, and finds a refreshing jet of water to drink from. This splashes her frilly white top, revealing her yellow bra heaving beneath. She soaks her top more, and then lets her jeans get drenched as well. Sitting on the dock, the water streams down, as she dips her head underneath. After some great rear shots, and close-ups all over, she winds up in just her dripping bra and panties.

Download Store 13 At a heated hotel pool, Louise treats us by slowly soaking her matching leopard skin fur coat and boots. She's also wearing a matching brown top and long skirt, which floats beautifully around her hips. As she removes her wet garments, we find that underneath she has a matching black lace girdle and panties, with black stockings. Putting back on the coat, she looks stunning exiting the pool, with just her underwear beneath.

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