Sunsplash Public Wet Clothing 
Thai girls love to wear wet clothingSunsplash specializes in filming women getting wet in public, whist still fully dressed.  We do not use models, we just film what we see!  The videos are presented for those who enjoy the celebration of life through tantalizing contact with water.  This is publicly filmed, there is NO NUDITY on this Web Site, or on the videos.

If you want to see more girls getting wet, try our other site:
Sunsplash - Hot & Wet Clothed Women

Check below for new AVI from CW15 - Wet In the City
Summer 2012 update: All videos are now available on dvd

Videos in the Series (click for details and pictures-where marked)
CW1 - Beach Belles
CW2 - Dripping Wet Bits
CW3 - Long Wet Days of Summer
CW4 - Some Like It Wet
CW5 - Tidal Wave
CW6 - Girls Just Want to Get Wet
CW7 - Wade Runner
CW8 - Wet Bottomed Girls
CW9 - Life Is Wet ( pics)
CW10 - Wet Girls 96 Part 1
CW11 - Wet Girls 96 Part 2
CW12 - Wet Girls 96 Part 3
CW13 - Universal Wetlook
CW14 - Thailand 98 Part 1 ( pics)
CW15 - Wet In The City ( pics + NEW AVI !)
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Updated 4th July 2012

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